Red/Pearl/White Swirl Custom Carved Shaft & Zebro Shaft Exotic Goodness **Give 2cent*

Before and After This a new shaft cover I carved from a Pen black What do you think??

This nice spring day got me motivated to finally finish up…well mostly:hitit:
finish those Zebra shaft/dust cover that I poster about here last summer. I think they turned out well.

The pictures are the zebros with thin layer of polyurethane I still need to do some buffing and add another layer or two. I might experiment with some blue and red dye but very light coats to show those nice strips

throw me some ideas or just your 2cents about how bad ass I am :encore:


i like the dust cover a lot!!! but not too big on the shaft cover…i like the bare metal. but thats just me!

Either way i love the dust cover. I’d love to get a tiger maple one for my custom thats in the works.

Is the shaft cover straight or does it taper? The photos are gorgeous.

Thank you sir

Its a very minor taper I can do a more defined one with ease thats the beauty of wood especially nice wood

Just added new red pearly swirlly I carved from a pen blank. What ever they make these blanks out it’s pretty slick it does well under high heat and is just as carve-able as wood


Now there’s an official shaft cover for dark-stained woodcases!

Looks very nice.

The red swirl shaft isn’t bad, either.

That red swirl shaft looks like candy! If you ever come across other colours, I’d be up for one!

Looks good. Love the swirl one.

Must have that wood set. That’s just way too sexy.

Thanks as always George for your support

There are no shortages of designs and colors when it comes to pen blanks $100 bills to micro chips

Thank you sir I appreciate your opinion

shoot that’s with just one coat of ploy I still need to add another then polish her up.
PM me if you have a interest

now if you just start making buttons and balltop with these colors…then expect some money your way from me.

Shaft covers are a bit too thick.

I am diggin the pen blanks and imagine they would be the most sturdy option for a shaft cover. My questions would be how much and what’s the turnaround?

Very nice work RosserRooster

liking what i am seeing. shaft cover too thick though.

RosserRooster, I sent you a PM…

Really interested in some sort of shaft cover/duster combo :slight_smile:

ha yeah well that’s what others in the community are for butteroj & Sugar cane have the Ball tops deal so no toe stepin from me and buttons I leave that to the japanese pros’s @ Sanwa etc.

Thank you for the imput d3v its good to hear from you.
yeah they may be the thick girl side but trimming them up is no sweat I just have to do a little more carving/sanding

Thank you good sir

What you like them anorexic girls my shaft is just healthy. But I can put her on a diet in minutes and have looking like Kate Moss

sorry about not replying yet. I was just thinking about things. are you looking to do a Carbon fiber mash up, a stained wood or a solid translucent color to match I know you dont want any type of color craziness since the vewlix has such defined lines

How much would it cost to get a JLF shaft cover in the Black Olive? I think it’d look great with my BlazBlue TE.

are you looking for an acrylic shaft cover in the color black olive or are you looking for one made with olive wood or stained the color black olive and could you get me a good picture of an example of the color’s shade thanks

It would be an acrylic. It’s the Black olive you have in the picture above (#28).

touché my friend touché I did not even notice I had searched online for a good picture with a bunch of pen blank colors.

I was like what the hell?? where did this guy get this color idea from black olive. I was thinking this guy has very specific color taste lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But yeah that should be fine let me check it out it is defintly doable I will check to see if they have them locally first I may have to order I will get back to you