Red parrying specifics

I heard you have to let the stick go to neutral for a second before you do it, but are there any other specifics I don’t know about? I remember hearing that you had to do them 3 frames earlier or something a long time ago.

I just can’t seem to do it consistently. I can normal parry just about anything, but something as seemingly simple as red parrying the 3rd hit of a RH hurricane kick is awkward.

You have to be on neutral briefly before the red parry attempt, it’s essential. But that’s not hard to train.
The point is that the timing is a LOT stricter than blue parries.
You have a 2 frame window for red parrying special and super moves, compared to the standard 10 frames wndows for grounded blue parries.
That’s 1/5 the time, so you have to be 5 times more accurate with your timing
Red parrying normal moves is 3 frames (this applies to chains or blocked jump-in, red parry the follow-up), a bit more lenient but still quite harder than bue parries.

For some reason I have easier time red parrying fast rate multihits than slow ones like tatsumakis. But if you practice and “get it”, it’s not that hard, just use visual cues and have the motion into muscle memory. I’m definitely not a top player but I can red parry lots of stuff if I need it, it just takes some practice.

Yeah, like the above poster said, visual cues help. I had a hard time trying to red parry chun li’s SA2 (the second set of kicks), but then after I got it a few times I just memorized the exact frame where the red parry will work (as soon as chun starts to raise the other leg for the second set) though it’s still kinda hard and takes a lot of focus.

wait i know theres lazy blue parrys but are there lazy red parrys where you can hold forward instead of pressing forward then going back to neutral.