Red parry situations?

what are the common and important situations i should get down the red parry timing for?

Red parrying special moves is a good way to land better punishes. For example learning to red parry the last hit of akumas tatsu

There’s too many situations where red parry is useful, but vs Yun’s Target combo, Ken’s MP/HP combo, ex fireballs from distance… That’s three examples of where it could be useful. But I would say learn the matchups first and then it will become obvious what moves are worth the risk of attempting a red parry.

You don’t red parry the last hit…it’s a regular parry.

Sorry, I’m still figuring out the game xD I didn’t realize there was a large enough window to where it becomes just a regular parry. Guess I just didn’t notice since I was panicking at the time lol Thank you for the correction.

Shoto x fireball is a pretty good thing to learn how to red parry, people use it a lot and I don’t think it’s a valid block string with any shoto at anytime except Ryu’s ex fireball. Other example would be the second set of rapid kicks on Chun’s SA2, Yun’s GJ and Oro’s Tengu Stone. Then there are instances where you will have no choice but to red parry, like the last hit of Chun’s SA2 with Q. Experiment on your own, see what kind of strings people you play with use and learn to red parry those. It really gets you a long way and cuts down bad habits of other players.

Except chip to death situation, there’s no need to (red) parry the last hit of Chun SA2 with Q. Block all and C&DB HK.
Same for the second set of Chun SA2, no valid reason to try to red parry except to maximize damages a little and/or to show off.
The Tengu Stone is by far the last thing i would try to red parry as you cannot predict what will happen after.

Some really good stuffs to red parry, and not that hard cause you can easily see them coming so red parry is just kinda how to punish :

  • Yun 1,2,3xxshoulder or even better only the 1,2,3
  • Akuma mk/hk tatsu (with Q, you can red parry, dash punch lp/mp xx SA1/2)
  • Alex EX slash elbow
  • Chun EX SBK to make it easier to punish
  • Dud last hit of SA3 (if he’s dumb enough to not confirm it)
  • Ken, cr.lp,
  • Any Necro tornado hook
  • Q slaps
  • Yang xx slashes (the second one or the first one if you can)

almost anything if you can red parry the last hit can give you much more time and better spacing for a punish which usually means a much better punish.

It depends though.

Yang’s slashes, Necro’s hook, Ken’s target combo, Necro’s drill kick, etc. Well the drill kick I think often hits as 2 blue so scratch that but same idea, just easier. yun’s 123 shoulder into genei jin. that’s a very hard one but amazing if you can get it.

Chun’s SA2?

I mean, I’ve seriously only managed to (blue) parry the first hit(and the rest of it) on someone who was like super obvious about using the super for finishing chip damage…

Red parrying is much easier imo…

I agree but some are really tight and IMO are kind of guesses (at least for me) and does not worth the risk for a little more damages or new opportunity.
I myself can’t react to the first hit of Ken’s target combo, so if i want to go for a red parry here, it will be ‘hm, feel like he’s gonna try to target me, gonna wait a split second after something hit me, then gonna push forward to see what happen!’. Fail? I’ll eat HP + either SRK or SA.

That said, what i meant in my post is some situation totally worth it, considering red parrying as a punishment of something i clearly see and identify, giving plenty of time to think about the right moment to push forward, and where red parry will open easily to more damages or make safe moves punishable. Best examples are Q red parrying last hit of Gouki tatsus to dashxxSA or last hit of Chun EX SBK (usually hard to punish iirc). Fail again? Well, i ate one small hit and got knockdowned.

Of course, i know it’s all about self confidence and reaction time. Also, as i can’t really confirm low mk for life, i’m definitely not the best example around.
If you’re confident, go for it, like anything hard in the game.

But, one thing i notice after all these years watching high levels matches is that red parry is not that much used. If it was that much easy and that much rewarding, we should see it all day, and it would have changed the pace of the game as no one would try to do obvious blockstrings anymore.
In fact, well, maybe i probably just overestimate his impact, but i think, before what i call the ‘Kuroda explosion’, red parrying was very rare. I’m 90% sure i have never seen Ken target combo red parried before him and his dvds. Even more, beside Rikimaru and maybe Boss, Nuki or Getsuyarou, i can’t remember anyone else trying it, even nowadays. Not to mention they (including Kuroda) fail quite frequently at it.
Even the obvious three hits chains (like Yun’s 123 or shotos cr lk lp lk), which i found quite easy to red parry consistently, are not really often red parried.
I guess it’s all about mixups : knowing your opponent can red parry, there’s always a way to make it regret to try it.

Anyway, deviljin mode off…

You’re totally right ESN. I guess what I was thinking of more, beyond just the usual specials that are multi hit. Say like Ken’s target combo. The only time you’re going to want to red parry it at all is if they’re being too obvious. Same as like to hadou. If someone keeps using that and you suspect it, getting the red parry can open up a big damage punish and also it has a psychological effect.

What you’re talking about are the safe and best places to try and red parry. The times that make the most sense 100% of the time. To me, red parry is a way to punish repetition and one good red parry punish can really make someone think twice about how they attack. So yeah, I agree with you.

If you manage to block Ken’s there’s almost no reason NOT to try red parrying it, unless taking the hit means you die

Online, a blocked low mk is ‘confirmed’ to SA3 +50% of the time \o/

that depends on what character you are

just dont get fixated on red parrying once youre actually competent in it.

Parrying gives you a little bit of meter, so parrying a lot whenever you can should be a good idea. But then again, is it a good idea to get meter vs the risk of fucking up and eating the move is up to you to decide. When it comes to red parrying Chun’s SA2, be it the last hit with Q or the second set of kicks, I personally am confident in my skill and try it every time.

Tengu parries are theoretically easy to predict as the parry is Oro’s move x the number of rocks. They’re also mostly the “mash that shit” type parry because the hits come in so fast. But again, risk vs. reward is up to the player to decide.

And on the subject of red parries being rare, that would be because it IS hard as shit, plus players tend to mix stuff up so often that attempting them would mostly be suicide. Guaranteed situations is the key word.

I’m trying to work on learning to red parry Yang’s c.MK to regular/ex slashes because he blows up parry fishing probably better than any other character in the game. Just not worth the risk to go fishing against the slashes.

One thing that I think is really good to learn to red parry to get you used to it is the 3rd hit of Ken’s SA3.

People fuck up the confirm sometimes or just try to whip it out at random and if you block it and red parry the 3rd hit, you can neutral jump and get a full jump in bnb on them instead of just a ground combo.

No one parries tengu. it doesn’t hit in aconsistent way, trying to parry tengu is just retarded. It depends what objects are there, where they are when he attacks, if they just finished hitting, etc. No point unless you’re going to die from chip and have no other option.

nothing is remotely easy to predict about them. nothing. they still do shit to this day that no one expects.

R-Parrying the 2nd hit of Urien’s cr.HP is useful. Also, R-parrying either the last or the third hit of Ken’s Jinrai.

You better have the utmost confidence attempting to red parry that, cause if you mess up then that’s potentially game over. Not worth it unless you’re 100% sure you can do it

Can you even do that online? I haven’t seen it done yet. like ever.