Red Octane (MAS clone) cases, Sanwa JLF + other stuff

2 left. Add your own plexi, bottom panel, parts and PCB.

The vinyl strips are coming off the sides and front but most people remove them anyway for T-molding. There are some scratches on the sides. Paypal only.

Sorry for the shitty cellphone + garage combo pics…

******SOLD******Brand new Sanwa JLF w/mounting plate, white balltop & shaft cover, unused. No wiring harness.

******SOLD******This has a Happ Ultimate stick along with Happ Competition buttons. Needs microswitches, bottom plate and acrylic top if you want artwork. SOLD

2 - This case is routed for a top mounted Sanwa JLF/LS-56 with plate and Happ buttons. Ill post pics ASAP. $25 + shipping. Pics show how a JLF/LS-56 will fit and how it is flush with the top panel. When you add your plexi top panel, it will be seamless. Needs your own plexi, bottom panel, parts and PCB.

3 - Logitech Driving Force GT for PC/PS2/PS3. Used under 4 hours and is in excellent condition. With original box. Only thing is i put on square rubber bumpers on the bottom of the pedals to grip solid floors better. $80 shipped.

I have sold custom sticks amongst other items here on SRK before the whole feedback system so if you need references, lemme know. Buy before 4PM CST and your order ships that day.

First post updated with some more pics, Sanwa JLF and some price drops.

pm’d for the jlf!

JLF pending.

payment sent!

JLF sold.