Recording with DVD Recorder

Hello. I’m not sure if this is the right section.

I’m trying to record matches with my DVD recorder so I can put them on my PC with a CD-RW. However, when I set up the wires, all I see is 2 white lines on a black screen, or the screen is fuzzy when I try my other TV. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

I have 3 wires going from the PS3/360 going to the input of the DVR.
Then the same 3 going from the output scart (tried without the scart too), going to the input of the TV.

Moving to tech talk.

I have the mlg fight stick. Hear it has same Pcb as tes stick. Do I need a tes harness on top of a kitty for dual mod?

Will the TE S Harness help jebop with recording?

You may not be able to record fights (PS3, XBox 360) with a DVD-Recorder because of copy protection.

A lot of game systems can and do scramble video signals. Oh, they display fine on a TV set but when you try to record them you get a bunch of lines with noise or static-ey noise.

I was able to record from the Sega Saturn onto VHS tape fine with no sound distortion. With the Dreamcast, there was definite sound distortion. PS2-onward, DVD-format I don’t think records without some kind of video stabilizer.

Best shot for recording – probably a camcorder between you and the TV or over the shoulder and zoomed in on your set.
Second shot – fine a PC capture card that doesn’t have problems with copy protection.

Third option, find a video stabilizer on market that’s compatible with your DVD-Recorder. You have to put video lines coming out of the source you want to record into the video stabilizer THEN another set of lines from the stabilizer to the recorder. That’s usually what people use for recording from old pre-recorded VHS tapes…

Stabilizers are very grey market and are not carried in stores anymore. Net-only…

You will have the best results using a device like this

I was gonna get that, but I already bought a Roxio Game Capture, however it always records in black and white.

I don’t think it’s supposed to do that, sounds like you have something in the settings wrong or it’s malfunctioning. I’m pretty sure it should record in color.

Set your software to NTSC 433 signal to have colors.