Recording Supercade Replays

I have a bunch of replays I’ve been wanting to make into video files and upload to youtube. I have fraps and can get it to record the program by changing the blitter but when I try to record the frame rate is extremely slow (like 8-15 fps). Is there a trick to recording at 60fps?

Did you ever figure it out?

Nowadays you can use OpenBroadcasterSoftware (OBS) to record it locally or to, then use Twitch’s Youtube upload feature.
OBS/Twitch will support 60FPS I believe, but Youtube still might not.
Whether you drop frames or not is going to be dependent on the hardware.

Using OBS with any old emulator has been a HELL of a lot easier than Fraps/Camtasia in my experience.

youtube is still frame-locked way below 60 fps