Recommended Super vs Yun?

I’m a strictly SA1 user and Yun Is the character that gives my heavy turtle style a headache, should I switch it up or keep using my main?

Turtling is not a good idea agaisnt a yun player…however if switch up your styles such waiting for an opening then go for it…SA1 ryu…hmm I usually ex hadoukens until i see an opening for the super…

gosh, i hardly ever use the super, Im an EX whore.

Interesting that you end up having a turtle heavy style in this game seeing you used all the rushdown grooves in CVS2. Then again you were also an SNK fan so it was probably just that.

The way I see this match go…Ryu’s one of the few characters in the game where all of his supers are viable. He’s either depending on EX meter (SA1) or a destructive super (SA 2/3) to win. In this match Yun obviously has a powerful tool in the Genei Jin. EX fireballs and EX moves in general are nice but generally you’re not going to be able to take control of the match with EX fireballs like you would versus other characters. Yun is in the air too often to make real use of EX fireballs. If you do use SA1 you’ll be saving the meter mainly for EX combos and that requires you to play rather offensively and that’s not always what you want vs. Yun. Before he gets bar it’s fine but once he has bar you’ll be wasting EX meter just trying to keep him away. SA1 works but I would lean towards 2 or 3.

2 mainly because it forces Yun to fear you. He can’t just do dumb Genei stuff like activate from half screen and then run towards you. EX fireballs should discourage that off the bat but now he has to worry about a super that does half his life bar easy. Even when he activates after a block string he still has to worry. It makes him more wary about doing jump ins as well. One bad dive kick and it’s lights out Yun. Only real problem with SA2 (outside of having to conserve meter) is that you wont get the super till long after Yun gets his and by then you may already be dead. Your shoto game better be on point to win the first round. To win with this super you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the matchup.

SA3 is also nice because Yun doesn’t have much any options after being knocked down and Denjin clearly charges faster than SA2. All the match requires is a good knockdown and there’s a high probability that Yun is in a world of hurt if your Denjin setups are solid. One good Denjin setup should pretty much seal a round for you. It’s just that SA2 is more solid in the long run and also keeps him from rushing you down like he would prefer to. SA3 is better if you’re not totally familiar with the matchup since you can kinda play off of knockdowns and get free damage.

I think this is a no brainer, has to be sa3. Ex fireball’s aren’t that great against yun, He’s always in the air anyway kicking your ass. Fireball’s are much more useful for footsie games which yun rarely takes part in. sa2 takes too fucking long to build, and by the time you get it stocked thats like 3 genei jins and probably your ass. super 3 works well against yun, he has no built in escape for it. All bread and butter set ups work on him besides maybe standing strongXXfireball super since he can duck it. Ryu is naturally at a big disadvantage anyway so a bit of a randomness helps getting you a win you probably don’t deserve. you’re guaranteed at least 1 attempt a round with a short super bar. also, d+forward, rh hurricane up close is safe against yun on block so you don’t need to use ex’s off your low forward to do damage against yun.

I say stick with sa1, and learn to rtsd. sa2 setups are the same as your sa1 setups, so there isn’t a big advantage in utility between the 2, you just have a more fearsome wakeup, but you sacrifice ex’s to have that intimidation factor. between sa1 and sa3, thats preference, and I prefer sa1, and since thats what you play atm too, might as well stick with it. You can just as easily turtle as you can rushdown with sa1, and I think changing between those modes is whats going to help you beat Yun the most. Switching supers isn’t going to make the transition between play styles easier.

Interesting Information people, thanks,

PS-pherai- what is rtsd?

RTSD=Rush that shit down.

SA3 Gives you a really solid strategy
Alex Valle beat me on TX Showdown 6

the thing with it is that like poeple posted already, I have to take care bout that super not hiting so I dont pay much atention to EX moves.

Use that in yoiur advantage, Ryus normals and Yuns low stamina doesnt get along too good

what a guy , lol, telling people how to beat him

tough decision, SA2 seems great for this match up, but i need my EX strength

So I’m split between SA1 and SA2

Sa2 Robert, you keep a full screen distance away so its easy for you to get your gauge up after an ex. Also if you pop out a random sa2 gonna really hurt someone 0.0, except dillon…cause he would of already taunted 3x


This is a great reason not to use SA2 against Yun.

I get them confused. Thanks for the reminder simply_hugo!

he asked about yun not yang o.0

SA2 is wonders against Yun.

One of Ryu’s biggest strengths is his thick-ass normals. Shoryu one of his stupid dive kicks -> RTSD give you plenty of meter. And remember, just because Genei Jin = free damage doesn’t mean you automatically lose, block that shit or do something. Yun is gonna get Genei Jin 3 times a match no matter what super you use, but remember this: Fierce xx Shoryu xx SA2 -> RH Tatsu is about 75% on the twins.

That’s fuckin’ ridiculous, and it’s easy to get at least shoryu xx SA2 on a dive-kick parry, since Yuns love to do that shit.

Also, don’t be afraid to use EX w/SA2; Ryu builds up his meter damn quick when he’s on the offensive.

This is not to say that SA3 isn’t what I’d usually choose for this matchup. But I’ve been experimenting with full-time SA2 and the results have been really surprising, as in how many I’ve landed.

Not saying it’s the best, but don’t forget about the BIG SHIN.

Learn how to red parry, IMO Yun’s set ups are easy to red parry

Interesting to note that Ruu plays SAI against Yun. That guy loves SAII and I think he uses it in almost any viable situation. For example, I’ve seen him use it against Ryus, Kens and Dudleys, where SAII doesn’t seem like a clear favorite over the other supers. (I realize that you can link SAII on Dud with close mk, but there are advantages to SAI against him as well.) So, the fact that he chooses SAI in this matchup is significant, in my opinion. It seems like it’d be difficult to land SAII two times in a match on Yun. I think SAI or SAIII are probably your best bets.

Haha, Alex Valle barely even uses denjin. Might as well be using a short stock sa1. :rolleyes:

close s. mp always links to sa2 on anyone so there’s no real advantage there. The guy just probably likes that super, it looks cool enough. :cool:

I know how this ryu plays…Robert you would have to alter your whole way of play to use sa2. You would barely get to ex…