Recommended Parts for a Hori EX2

I’m going japanese with this one and I’ve got an extra Hori EX2 (DOA4 updated) arcade stick just laying around that no one wants so I’ll just mod it myself!

What kind of Stick and buttons work best on this without having to modify it TOO much.


The best part I can recommend is the trash can :rofl: Jk. I used mine as is. I think there is already a thread about modding the ex2 though.

Go with Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons and LS-32-01 joystick

Here’s the link to mod one and the parts you will need.

There’s a picture on here that I had found a long time ago of a mod that someone did that was a great idea. In chippermonkey’s guide, he states that you have to swap out the shaft of the ex2 with the Sanwa shaft.

In the mod that I saw you don’t. What you do is you grab the same attachment for the dremel that you used to file down the button tabs, and grind down the area of metal from the bottom plate that the shaft will be touching. If done correctly you will be able to screw the bottom plate back in and the joystick will be a perfect JLF.

Here’s the pic I was looking for had to look through ten pages of crap lol

You see what he did he created almost like a dent in the bottom plate. This is actually for a HFS3 mod but it’s the same as the EX2.