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I wanted to start off by saying that this is the first time that ive posted on SRK. Hi yall… I’m always checking this site for posts on arcade sticks and such. Ive always been used to using happ arcade sticks and buttons ( got a custom stick with a p360 and competition buttons). I’m highly dissapointed with the way the joystick has problems reading diagonals, so i decided to stray away from the american way and go the way of the japanese:nunchuck:. I went and bought an hrap2 from vistaproducts.net. I also visited lizardlicks site to get parts to mod my hrap. I fell in love with it, I fell in love with it so much that i went and bought another hrap2 after figuring out that some arcades in japan that have CvS2 and 3s use seimitsu. I went back to lizard lick and bought the ls-32 and another set of sanwa buttons. If anyone is interested in buying an hrap 2 i recommend buying it from vistaproducts.net. Got both of my hraps in 5 days.:rock:

P.S. I only made this thread cause was tired of hearing people whine about not being able to find an hrap 2 lmao:annoy:

It is common knowledge that HRAP2s are easy to find. Hori put them back into production a few months ago.