Recommend me a new pad (For PC)

I play GGPO a lot and I’m noticing my Logitech Dual Action is starting to slowly die. More and more moves are getting missed when they shouldn’t, this is my 3rd Logitech in 4 years, and Logitech has always served me well. I prefer the PS-style controller so I can set HP and HK as the shoulder buttons, making it fairly easy to Kara and do the Raging Demon on pad.

Any recommendations?

Saturn usb.

I had one of those Chinese Saturn Pads, and the d-pad snapped off after a month of KOF playing.

I actually own an official pure white usb saturn pad from back in 2003-2004. has always worked perfectly.

its the one in the bottom left

Havent had much experience with the bootlegs.

Looks solid. Any reputable sites selling official ones? This looks good too:

Here is something

All ready have one of those. My experience has been good, but it seems like the average lifespan of a Logitech is about a year.


pads :rolleyes:

Madcatz Fightpad

PS2 controller with a PS2 to PC converter.

Here is what I have:

(picture taken from neoGAF forums)

You can get it from if you subscribe to their VIP service for 3 months, which comes out to around $15 bucks. I know the supply is limited but I’m pretty sure they still have them.

Word I hear is they’re made in China and lower quality than the Japan made ones for PS3 and PC, but they are especially cheaper in price and I guess you get to play all the sega roms you can stomach on that site for three months. That said, I don’t know how they compare specifically but this one works for me with no problems on PC Windows 7.

Madcatz PS3 fightpad for me. That’s what I use, and I love it. You can get those and the 360 version for about $15 used at gamestop stores now, which is a good deal IMO. I for one love the d-pad on it, but hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Maybe a Hori Fighting Commander 3?

Or alternatively, some PS2 pads & a converter.

Went with the Madctaz fightpad. Hope it’ll be good.