Recommend me a good drawing tablet

So I was thinking about buying a tablet for the more serious work I have to do related to graphics on my computer, but everything I see is really confusing to me. I want to make the right decision, so I don’t wanna go and buy a $300 tablet when I don’t really need it. What kinds do you SRKers have, and how much did it cost/what is it good for? Thanks

graphire 3 4x5 for 80 dollars

price is prolly way cheaper now that graphire 4 is out

I have a Wacom Intuos2 6x8 LE… Got it for $250 as opposed to the $330 Wacom Direct asks for by shopping around online. In general, you’ll want to use price comparison sites or physically walk into a Best Buy or some other gen. electronics store to pick one up.

Intuos is the more expensive line of Wacom tablets, but they offer twice as much pressure sensitivity than the Graphire and are open to a lot more accessories (provided you get the current Intuos3). Honestly, I’d try to find a way to try one out (school labs? a friend?) before deciding on which kind to buy.

Well if you do graphics, graphire or something cheap will do.

If you paint with it, intous is the way to go. Hell I am still using int2. Int3 wasn’t a big enough jump for me to upgrade.

I have an Intous3 6x8, more expensive but it all depends on how much and the type or art work you’re going to be doing. For example I often use my for digitally inking images, and comics, so it is very helpful to have the added sensitivity.

Also some programs have tilt response, where it can tell that your pen is tilted and change the way the brush behaves accordingly.

If you just using it to familiarize yourself with tablets, or just setting down the road of making art a more serious hobby, than a lesser tablet won’t hurt at all. The aforementioned graphire would be a good choice. (This intuos is my second tablet, I had an old wacom artpad way back, they don’t even make those anymore.)

i would invest in an intuos. i’ve had a bout with carpal tunnel and i owe a lot of that to habitual hard pressing with my tiny girl wrists and usage of my graphire. more drawing surface is better.

i have friends who’ve bought old generation model intuos/graphire in brand-new state. it’s a little cheaper and really there isn’t much difference.

Agrees with everything said so far. It all comes down to what you’re going to use it for. If you’re doing graphic design, a graphire will do. But for serious digital paintings, you’re better off with an intuos, although you can still use a graphire to produce good digital paintings.

i guess i might as well drag myself into getting an intuos sometime this year! :wonder:

there are three famous brands of graphics tablet , wacom , huion ,xp-pen.
this article may can help you from choose the drawing tablet.