Recent Works

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share some of my recent stuffs. I have more, but they’re mostly charts and studies for classes.

Self Portrait assignment for fundamentals of painting. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but I didn’t really like the process. Took way too long.

Here’s the larger version but you can’t see much brushworks since we had to emulate a classical style.

Color Concept final.
This one we actually didn’t have to use “colors.” The assignment was to create
something that had a theme of transition/time/passage/story.

andddddd something I did the other day.

Wow! Amazing. Your portrait is really good.

well arent you handsome :party:

I posted in your sketchbook on CA, nice stuff.

you and i have to have a loooong talk. that self portrait man, it’s sick!

your concept piece has good composition. seeing how strong that aqua green is, it should show have a stronger source from within the book and also the child. did you ever see the one cover for that game Fable with the child? sorta like that, where the child is the focus. i dig the lighting, in a cinematic sense, but fantasy would’ve been more suitable for this kinda thing(saturated colors and so on).

love the blonde chick but the shoulder needs to be cut down a bit.

you’re a fucking beast man! :tup: i’m gonna post on ca with you.

Awesome job as usual, always excited to see more.

The self portrait looks good. What software do you use for painting? It doesn’t look digital at all, which is a good thing.

I’m digging the transition/time/passage. There’s alot happening in there (but some are a little vague), and it reminds me of the Neverending Story. Keep that pencil/pen/brush busy.

Leon: I use photoshop for digital, but the SP was done in oils.

Kando: I’m on all the time.

KOH: I hope you come to CCAD soon man. Do you play fighting games? A couple of people here do but they’re strictly very very casual.

nice stuff. Self portrait looks like it was done on canvas.

Really loving the Lil’ Red Riding Hood one. It’s a bit funny how it’s read right to left, Asian-style, esp considering it’s a western story being read by a Caucasian kid :slight_smile: Was that intentional? Still great though.

Girl against blue sky looks good. Loving your use of light and how it plays across her dress. Her right shoulder seems a bit too large though for the rest of her though… Perhaps scale it down by 10-15% and move it towards her body, or paint her head larger and more to the left of the pic?

awesome, looking forward to more of your work :slight_smile:

Just wondering do you have any SF fan art done in your style? I’d love to see it

Thx Rook. The orientation of the book was something I was considering and in the end I decided to have it go right to left since that’s how the boy would see it.

Fistoftheryustar: I post most of my SF fan arts here on SRK. I haven’t been active recently so the threads are probably buried deep.

Might as well post this here since the Udon Tribute Book already came out.

I love it. :tup:


seriously hot stuff, DFist. love the implied story :slight_smile:

Oh snap! That Cammy is on fire dude. Nice work on the portrait.

This stuff is very pimp. Well done on each of them.

that portrait is awesome. love how you handled the far side of your face.


Thx guys:

Here’s a page I did for a comic me and some friends are working on for fun. There’s no script or anything, we just continue on where the last person left off.

here’s the blog itself

Anyone know if there’s a way to have older posts appear first? So you’re not viewing the pages backward

Nice work, Phong. You sure have grown. I see remnants of SFMC’s painterly brushstrokes in your style.
Your self-portait is really idealized; did you use a photo source, or worked from life? It also seems you have a touch of Rembrandt on the SP also.


On your comic page, I would’ve liked to see more diagonal broad strokes leading into the figure with the gun. Lead your viewer into the next panel with visual hints. I’d suggest to use a few more painterly strokes to emphasize tension in your panels…maybe even a few more contrasting values to enhance the tension. oh, add some highlights for more drama in those panels…a couple touches of white would go a long way in the contrast department!

I’ve noticed you’ve gotten better at your grasp of color and value in your figures, as well as the use of the light source; it truly does accentuate your figures when you’ve mastered the concepts down.

I can honestly say I’m impressed with your growth as an artist; you’re not the scrub that you used to be! ~_~

Kudos, bro.

That Cammy is rad.