Recenlty got a Fighting Commander Pro 4, anyone use it on the last beta?

Mine came in the mail the day after the beta ended so I didn’t get to use it. For those that did, how good did it feel?

Post a pic cause I have no idea what you are talking about.

I had the PRO 3 version which looked identically to the newer one. That’s both good and bad. The good news is that it was a very good pad to play SF with, better than the Madcatz pad but not as good as the Saturn pad (but then, nothing tops the Saturn pad). The bad news are that the rubber domes bellow the d-pad were torn apart after a few months of usage and i am not one to abuse my equipment.

If they improved durability though, this was the best pad fron the current crop to play SF with, so you should be very satisfied with your choice.

If you mean this:

I have this pad and I use that for the SFV Beta, mainly because play the game with Dualshock 4 it’s a real pain for me.

There is not much I can say for now, the greater thing compared to MadCatz Pad is the L1 and L2 button both on the same side, so you can have a quick access to PPP and KKK with your right hand, instead of having one on the left side. (Extremely uncomfortable)

The D-pad is good but not great, only 4 direction, MAYBE you can have little problem with charge characters because the heavy use of Down-back input. (I’m not an expert of charge characters, so it’s only my supposition)

For further things I can’t say nothing yet, needs more use on the next beta phase.

Someone really does need to just create a very simple and minimal pad that’s similar to a snes pad. I don’t need a million features, nor do i need something with analogs like the SF5 madcatz pad is going to have. It really sucks that there isn’t a lot more options out there. The fact we are in 2015 and a lot of people have to resort to pad hacks says it all.

I got one right before the beta for my new PS4. Worked extremely well.

Being able to have 6 buttons on the pad front and still have 2 right triggers is great.

As for how durable it is, well I can’t say since I just got it.