Received my TE2+.... and some of the buttons don't seem to work

I received my TE2+ two days ago and some the buttons have issues like the Square, Triangle, and L1. When I press them, they don’t register. However when I pop up the case, those buttons will some times. If I close the case and try pressing them again, they don’t. I tried reattaching the wires to the buttons again to make sure the connections were secured yesterday and that didn’t help at all. Now the X button doesn’t work. I already submitted a ticket to Mad Catz (though will probably call them on Monday) since Newegg doesn’t allow returns for some reason with this stick. Do you think Mad Catz will let me do an exchange for a working one?

its clearly defective. i dont see why they wouldnt accept a return - at minimum they have to repair it under warranty. i would call new egg directly as well.

I did. Newegg told me to contact Mad Catz as they don’t accept returns with that stick for some reason.

they will replace it. this has been happening a lot apparently.

Oh really? That’s concerning. I hope if they replace it the new version won’t have the same issue.