Received a SF TE Round 2 Fightstick, feels way off from arcade, need some advice

Hey folks,

I’m new to the forums and have a few questions.

I grew up in American arcades playing Street Fighter 2 CE, MK and Killer Instinct. I still go to arcades (when I can find them) today and I’m still able to bring back all the moves and feels “normal”.

I want that same experience at home so I bought this fight stick and while Dragon Punches are super easy, I’m having problems with fireballs, which sound super silly and kinda embarrassing.

I’ve done a little reading on restrictor plates and I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. I want this stick to feel like the arcade sticks that I’m used to, I don’t care about learning something else, I just want to stick with what I like.

I know I want to get a new stick, bat style but should I get a different gate to bring that arcade feel I’m used to so I can actually do all of my moves with no problems.

Thanks for any info.

Don’t spam threads or else I’ll have to ban you.

As for your problem, get a custom stick with US parts.