Reccomendation: MOD-IT Arcade Stick (Europe)

Just wanted to reccomend this really cheap (15 EUR) stick to modders:

Ships to all EU-countries, not to the US, though.

Swapping the crappy stock parts is easy as hell, the buttons can be replaced by 30mm Sanwas without any additional work, for the joystick all you need is pincers to cut those plastic things (Sorry no Idea what they’re called in English) where the screws holding the stock stick were in, and a drill to make some new holes for the mounting plate.

Sorry about the shitty quality, had to do these with my webcam. Those are Sanwa parts. The top cover plate can also easily be replaced by a custom one with some personal artwork, it’s really no big deal.

If you’re looking for low-cost, easy moddable stuff this is really worth a look.

hey look a salubi

What’s a salubi?

It’s a Saulabi knock off, I have one too.

Saulabi is just a Korean manufacturer.

that layout looks very weird, i always wondered why manufacture companys choose those crazy layouts over the normal american or JPN layout:amazed: