Really embarrassed to ask this -EX Zonk-

I am having difficult starting EX Zonk from a standard punch of crouch and/or standing position. I am shamefully new to Street Fighter and hope I Don’t cause anyone’s head to set ablaze from this thread.

Quick edit!

I forgot to clarify exactly where I fail. Am doing trial level 19.

Don’t be embarassed. Sure there are a lot of elitists here but there is always going to be people here who are willing to help people who are new to the game.

What you want to do is before you start the combo, hold LP and MP. Jump at the character and press HP, and cancel c.HP into EX Zonk but letting go of LP and MP during the c.HP animation. It also helps to look at youtube videos to show you what it looks like.


ok cool! TY for responding. I got it thanks to this. Youtube link there is very helpful.