Realizations/epiphanies you do nothing with

I’m talking about when you have an insight about yourself or the world at large. A Eureka moment. The implication there is that you’re supposed to do something with it. Use it to better your life, or be a better person to others.

But sometimes you don’t act on it at all. There are several reasons for this.

1.) You just don’t know what to do with the information. Comedian Louis CK has a bit out there about how it’s technically true that if society was a little more OK with pedophilia, we’d get more kidnapped kids back alive, as pedophiles wouldn’t have as much incentive to kill them to hide their pedophilia (trust me, the actual bit is way funnier than my description). Of course, what, if anything, can someone do about that after realizing it? He actually says “I don’t know what to do with that information.” Your realization doesn’t have to be about society. It can be personal. I’ve realized through soul searching that I would totally bang a girl without a nose IF the rest of her body was hot. And I’m not talking in the sense of a mutilated nose; I mean a hole dead in the center of her face.

2.) You’re lazy. You had some grand realization of the exact stuff you need to to do to succeed more in an aspect of your life, but are simply too lazy/stuck in your old ways to do it.