Real Sweet News for Girl Street Fighter Players

I have a friend that is affiliated with Major League Gaming and they have recently been discussing adding Street Fighter to the rooster of games they Host at events.

Now for the girls, my close friend is the Captain of Team Foxy Gaming, they are an All Girls Team that competes with MLG, as of right now they are pure FPS Gamers, (They have the best all girls Halo 3 Team in the World) but with the talk about Street Fighter getting added to MLG, they are thinking about branching out and having a Street Team. So this is where you come into hand, being on the team would allow you guys to meet and play with a bunch of other girl gamers around the country, you would have a team to go to competitions with, and I am sure they offer plenty more things.

Here is the Website for Team Foxy, my friend has told me to spread the word and she wants this to happen.

Her name is Nicole Cullop, she will be able to help you with probably 100% of your questions be sure to contact her, she wants to try and have a team ready for playing in the All Girls Tournament at Evo

Good Luck Girls, get buff but no like gross pulling cars buff
Famous Nate

This doesn’t get more girls into competitive gaming, this just gets more guys to pay attention to it.

People all have different opinions regarding the women’s only competition at EVO. Some don’t agree with it, saying that by hosting a women only tournament, they’ll still be inferior to the guys, and others argue that if it attracts more women, why not. I agree with the latter. You have to start somewhere, and I think that many women feel intimidated by all the guys at a tourney, so having a women’s only tournament can act like a nice icebreaker.

That’s not what I mean Mikhail. I’m referring to the way they objectify themselves as some sort of attraction. Team Foxy? Come on, almost zero female gamers I know would want to be on a team, where the first thing on their website is a photo shoot. It’s ridiculous.

Despite it looking like all they do is subject themselves so that they will get attention that is really not the case at all, Nicole is extremely serious about this, this is her passion, just like it is ours. If you took a look at the photo gallery, you would see that it was all photos from events around the nation sponsored by MLG and other evens like PAXEast. While they may just look like a group of pretty girls out for attention I can tell you that they are truly not and they take the game just as serious as some of us. They have talent for Halo 3, GoW2, and MW2, so lets put some Seattle talent in their newest SSFIV Branch

Agreed. It’s pretty obvious to those paying attention to the way they’re marketed.

Keep in mind, it’s cool to defend this aspect of the MLG and all, but they also depend on your white knight instincts to defend it. Marketing isn’t stupid. It’s an applied science.

i think its tight that team foxy wants to play fighters. Any method of promotion is a lot better than NO promotion.
you guys make it sound like this team foxy wants to sell us tits and beer like hooters.
I guarentee you the girl players are very serious. Whatever the company decides to do to market them is a separate decision from what the players think.

you know female gamers? U sure they wouldnt be on this team? you should send them the link of the website and ask them their opinions instead of speaking for them. Cause the truth is a man will never know what a female is thinking.

If they decide against your logic, and take up a interest in competitive gaming, then its a win win situation for all of us.

I agree with DirtyAssKoreanFrank Lord of the Janky

It seemed kind of lame to me, but I don’t know. I know they must be great players. I just think that only a very small number of players can be part of a professional or semi-professional team, with actual sponsorship… So the members of Team Foxy aren’t choosing between joining one team that seems kind of gimmicky and sexist and another mixed-gender, less exploitative team - they’re taking the only thing they can get.

If it were me, yes, maybe I would join up with Team Foxy if it meant I could play games I enjoy for a living. I just think there’s a difference between what you’re willing to put up with, and what you’d actually like. On the other hand, I did take a look at the site, and I was very happy to see that it wasn’t just HOOTERS + GAMES, LOL or something like that. They have (boring) team t-shirts, but they don’t seem to be too objectified or anything.

I’ve never seen any tournament videos with them (do they even do that kinda stuff for FPS games?)… but I’d like to give them a tentative :tup:

Why are guys posting in this thread?


Thats a video of their most recent girl to the team, shes 14 years old and she took 3rd at an MLG Open event Guys and Girls FFA here is her montage.

They are really serious about it, I used to work with the Captain of the team and she would constantly be on the move flying around the Nation setting stuff up for her people, why some might see it as Hooters and Shooters they are really just a bunch of girls with the same goals as us they just seem to have taken it a bit farther and they are going for it. I still encourage any girl that reads this to either PM me so I can connect You and Nicole or just go to website and contact her yourself, it doesnt hurt anyone checking it out. Mor IM TALKING TO YOU MISS

cause this is interesting to talk about.
why do your comments make me feel like i did something dirty? I havent grabbed any ass yet.

well i think since girls can go to war and die, can vote, and no one cares really anymore why should we care if they play video games.

i bet more girls like 3rd strike anyway because i know no body likes sf4. right?