Real scanlines vs capcom's official filter

Just wanted to show you guys something I referred about a couple months back.


and for reference.


There’s only one real way to display an old game and developers like capcom still can’t get with the program. Device being used is an SLG3000, which blanks out every even or odd line and helps to preserve the aspect quality that was in the arcade originally. Thanks goes out to Zajunker for putting up these videos.

I don’t like the current scanline filter, it looks like your watching TV from inside a fish bowl. The lines are too bold, for reason it reminds of looking a 3D movie without the 3D glasses on. The emulators I’ve used in the past did a much better job

Scanlies are dumb anyway, why would I want to blindfold 50% of the screen with one pixel lines?

It’s aesthetically pleasing to some people. Myself included, it has that arcade monitor feel to it that I really like…ironically, I think the “arcade” screen setting looks stupid as hell. haha

It doesn’t actually black out those lines.
Also it emphasizes things differently. You can pick stuff like Alex’s teeth out very easily. Scan lines make it look much nicer I think, it appears smoother and feels a bit better (placebo effect).

So who actually owns an SLG? I tried my luck awhile ago with the PS3 version and my transcoder sadly doesn’t scale accurately.

Actually, I have a hard time finding a display I’m confortable with.

The filters look like crap (seems you were right Tebbo. sigh), playing with unfiltered pixels is hardly better and the scnalines capcom added look really weird, it’s like it blurs the game and makes the characters stand out with this red overlapping outline.

Best display so far is unfiltered+scanlines, but I’d really like if they added a secondary scanlines effect that doesn’t look like the TV is brroken.
Seeing the amount of issues they have to fix, I doubt we’ll see anything, but I’d be curious to know if others feel the same.

Definitely. I think they just pushed the mimicry a bit far.

Like the only time the display looks that wonky on the machine is if it hasn’t been degaussed in a while, in which case someone degausses it and it looks properly sharp again. They mimicked basically a screen no one had taken care of for a year :confused:

aka The Break

Best option is to go CRT TV, full scale with no distortion.

Actually the best option is combining that with an arcade PCB because that’s the only thing that’s really accurate.

Ports were always off.

of course arcade will be the best option, you dont need to point out the obvious here. We’re talking about 3SOE.

so maybe i shouldnt go. maybe derek neal is from nj

Well when you were talking about “no distortion”, I was thinking about the horizontal resolution as opposed to vertical. 384 I believe is the standard correct? That’s why even if line doubled or “corrected” by filters, none of the ports were ever able to display this accurately.

mmm I’m still not sure I understand what you’re talking about, but the graphics have been drawn something like 384x240 (from memory and most likely inacurate, but whatever…) which is not 4:3 at all.
The arcade screen however, constrains the game horizontally to fit and changes the aspect ratio to 4:3 which was intended for the devs to have the illusion of “thiner pixels”.
Playing 3S OE, I felt the characters looked a bit fat on normal and simply stretched them a bit vertically and constrained horizontally, now to me that looks ok.

Side note, I changed the resolution to 480 and, placebo or not, I think it looks better… even the filters almost look ok. I still can’t make up my mind and will probably end up using no filters + sacnlines for good though.

And I downloaded the demo of Mortal Kombat Kollection, and man, does it look ugly !
Not than MK has ever looked good, but they have the same type of filters than 3S OE and a really shitty looking scanlines effect. Gross.


Hey guys if you are looking to get your online 3rd strike to look closer to your beloved arcade classic by adding real scanlines hit up my thread in Tech Talk. I’m trying to get some hype going so our resident tech messiah Toodles will develop a cheap fix. so please let us know if its something you might be interested in.

I like the idea of a cheap solution, but I don’t think it will sit well with anyone who isn’t that great in hardware modding. (I’m avg at it btw)

384×224 to be exact.

It wasn’t so hard for dreamcast to double 224, but it’s VGA mode never allowed any filters or capcom never bothered with them at the time. So I was trying to do a matchup on how far this was off…

Arcade 384 x 2 = 768
Dreamcast 640 (standard)

84 (leftover)

So even with linedoubling, the horizontal detail would still be uneven. This has led to a number of sprites getting widened in some areas and you could clearly see it in the names, number on super meter, etc. I even witnessed this with Marvel vs Capcom to some extent even if it could have otherwise been a 1:1 port.

The only other option they could have done to avoid this was to crop the screen or add filtering. The latter is what helped the Xbox/PS2 ports to some extent, otherwise they too also suffer from inaccuracy without it. It’s also depressing they couldn’t just let the systems themselves render at other resolutions like Genesis (256-320) or SNES (256-512) did.

Does the SLG3000 have lag? I’m interested in this.

no lag it just blacks out every other line crt 's no image processing
you may want to wait a little while tootles is developing one here in the states that is cheaper if you want more info check out the thread in tech talk