Real Bout II (Fatal Fury)

I saw this game when I went on a trip to Dallas to play the new King of Fighters at AnimationTown.

After playing it, I remembered my days of SF II: Championship Edition…

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had the tiers for that game. Obviously, I’ll be playing Mai, but I wanted to know where some of the other characters may rank…


If you wanted to find out the tiers, perhaps try forums, not many people here play Real Bout at all.

loose tiers after playing this game a million times:

1st: kim

2nd: geese, terry, rick, andy, mai

3rd: the rest

4th: tung, cheng

5th: sokaku

jeez sokaku at the bottom in RB2! in RB1 he was nuts! (Well everyone in RB1 was nuts actually lol)

yep he went from top tier (rb1) to wayyyy bottom in no.2… i cant use him in 2…

any have videos, tips…trick or trade commentas about this game, RB2 is my favorite game of all time… my characters, are Xiang fei, Rick, Bob, Mai, sokaku and cheng. =) but i’don’t know if i’mplaying the game right…

Any have fights vids or something? a really love this game.:frowning:

I’ve had this game in my Neo 25 MVS cabinet for two years, and I gotta say Mai, Terry and Yamazaki are top tier IMO.

More strats and shit plz.

Some things for Blue Mary against Geese would be nice. I never had big problems with Terry against him but Mary … I’ll try an in your face style with her but eat somehow too often stuff like a c.A,c.C, Reppuken for example. Geese has too many safe stuff up close in my opinion. The problem is, my Mary need close range to be pretty good. -_- I’ll play the game every once in a while, so thanks for every hint guys.^^

Just curious- why is cheng considered so low? The rest of it seems to make sense.

RB2 was one of SNK’s better games, I thought it was reasonably balanced overall also. Kim isn’t that horrible compared to say your average #1 character.

awaken, my beastly thread!!
Real bout 2 owns, let’s get things back together.
It runs on ggpo FBA. So… Let’s get asking for an RB2 feature request in the forums. Online play = Us americans and whatnot playing real bout 2.
Also, supercade. If you’re like WTF IS SUPERCADE, go to You need windows Xp SP3 at least to run it.
What is real bout 2?
^That is real bout 2.

Real Bout is a Fatal Fury Subseries, and 2 is the final installment, featuring all of the FF characters plus Xiangfei.
It runs on the standard SNK button configuration:
(A) (B) © (D)
{And I will be using number notation like kof, and standard FG terms lookit yer keypad and the wiki for most games.}
But in this game, they serve a different purpose.
A is a punch, you get high and low variants as well as a jump and shorthop variant. It generally chains into itself.
B is kick. Same properties as punch, but a kick. Unless you are Rick, then you just have punches.
C is sort of a weird button in this game. It’s a kind of generic “Strong attack”, and can be chained into from a kick or punch. This also gives access to hp/hk versions of special moves.

This game has a forward magic series. All normals (p, k, and S) chain into themselves and another normal. The general flow is P>K>S or down s (2s)

Most normals have command variants to make up for the lack of buttons. So forward p/k/s/ are DIFFERENT attacks. Some regular normals can chain or link into this, like chonrei’s A,A, 66 A. **This game has both chains and links.

**This game has a certain flow to it achieved through this and it’s plain shifting line system- where you can dodge forwards or back and attack, as well as swerve behind your opponent- unlike many 2df’s. It just… Flows. Pressure is ok, you generally want to and you can do blockstrings without fear of retarded levels of pushback.
There isn’t stupid slowness like sf4 where the two fighters chickendance for footsie control until one hits a combo. SNK don’t fox with that. SNK likes rushdown.

In addition, there are feints in this game for many character’s moves- except Rick’s. This allows feint links like in Garou: MOTW. You can do a normal xx do a feint, and then cancel the feint into a normal. This allows for some absolutely rediculous combos. This game is hype. Really hype. It needs more love. That’s why I’m resurrecting this thread.

Rick is top tier, followed by Chonsu. Krauser is actually a mid tier.
DREAMCANCEL Wiki (incomplete except system things and tier list. Sokaku’s wiki is good.)

This game has mid air turns. That’s right- FREAKING. AIRDODGE. So if your timing is good, you can straight up avoid anti airs or at least a good part of them and counterattack.

Cheng is a good zoning char, with cr. C, the rolls and the projectiles, but really nothing more lol. His combos are not so great, shitty DM (desperation move, you can do it when your life is red or the super bar is in S. Power) and IMO shitty SDM as well. Rushdown chars can blow him up.

The game really is well balanced. Top tiers are not that almost-broken chars, they’re strong but beatable. Everyone has their thing going on in RB2. I played this a lot this past year, it has strong fundamentals and overall is a very fun game.

Here’s some matches:

In supercade, ggpo and nFBA runs very well, almost no lag.Hope people can get interested so we can play and dig into RB2!

Are there any frame data for RB2?

There is Dammit’s hitbox lua script for the whole Garou series.

Why worry about frame data?

I’m not worrying about frame data, I just want to see they are for the characters.
…also Green HonFu is a weird color…

I really haven’t looked for any or messed with the dev tools enough to get some data.
The Hon Fu palette was half-assed.

A little Real Bout 2, a few days ago. Enjoy.