Ready 2 Rumble Revolution coming soon

Do you remember the boxing game that came out 10 years ago called Ready 2 Rumble?? It was released on the Dreamcast, and it had some of the coolest characters to box with, and a RUMBLE meter that would allow you to execute some pretty cool combos. I remember having so much fun (10 years ago) when I was 12. Well, Atari is bringing this series back as Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, coming out on the Wii in March. It has a whole new line up of boxers from basketball players, to skateboarders, to actors. There’s even a Bruce Lee-ish dude thrown in the mix! For the most part this game definitely makes me nostalgic, and I’m thinking about giving it a try once I get a Wii. It sure as hell would beat Wii Boxing lol!

Anyways, check out more of the characters and info about the game here:

It’s already been addressed in the wii thread in general discussion…and right now it’s iffy if the game is going to be any good because the original people who made the first 2 don’t have much to do with this one. No Afro Thunder makes baby jesus cry.

No Afro Thunder in Ready2Rumble is like Punch Out! with no Little Mac.


oh, my bad, I don’t ever go in the Wii threads.

Nice plug. Bad site name.

it’s not my site, but it’s called that because all of the bloggers there are females

Ready2Rumble was AMAZING back in the day. No idea a sequel came out. I need to plug in my DC and find this game again.

Tiers? that dude with the sleeve tatoo was dirty I member.

Shameless plugging. Disgusting.

Ok, instead of Afro Thunder, Butcher Brown, Angel Riviera, Selene Strike, Lulu Valentine, and co., we have basketball players, skateboarders, actors, and Bruce Lee clones.

So this is essentially FaceBreaker 2?

No thanks.

My thoughts exactly, once they realized they could only get the name they should have stopped there. Now I just pity the poor bastards that might pick this game up thinking it will be a throw back to the old games.

I wish I knew where my DC was too, I’d whip out Shenmue for sure, but if I did have a Wii, this would definitely be a game that I would get, R2R was so much fun!

And shameless plugging- no. I don’t get anything for “plugging”, I don’t get paid to tell you about anything. Whenever I get ahold of some info about a game that I figure people would like to discuss, I pass it on, no different from any other member of SRK or gaming forum.

who wants to play this with wii punch out coming out… oh and no afro thunder

Fight Night Round 3 > this?

I always remembered R2R because Michael Jackson was in it. LoL



I’m not a Fight Night fan, I actually prefer boxing games like this, the characters just make the game more interesting, IMO