Reading and understanding frame data?

hey guys, I’m new to SFV and have a question about which links to double tap and which to plink. I can do Akuma’s combos alright but have read that using the double tapping/plinking techniques will make your combos more consistent(less drops). Plinking is for 1 frame links and double tapping for 2 frame+ links correct? But how do I know what is a 1 frame link looking at Akuma’s data? If c MP is +5 on hit and s MK has a start up of 5 frames what is the amount of frames I have to make them link? I guess my question is more about reading frame data. If someone could give me an example of an Akuma 1 frame link and also a 2 frame link I think that would help me figure this out.

Well the example you gave with > would be a one frame link. If cr mp was +6 on hit, the link to would be a 2f link.

However in SFV there is a 3f buffer that makes links much easier. Stuff like plinking isn’t really necessary because while something will be a 1f link looking at the numbers, nothing will be more difficult than a 3f link in practice.

Looking at the frame data, if your moves advantage on hit is equal to or greater than the start-up of your next attack it’ll combo (if you are close enough).