READ ME... again, please. **FORUM RULES**

I know there is a link on the bottom of the threads, but no one notices it. That is why I’m sticking this here so people don’t forget.

Also I’d like to remind you all, that you all checked that box indicating you are fully aware of the rules in place and agree to them. For the most part, we’re pretty good on following these rules, but lets take care of our new joins, eh? Politely send them a pm first, giving them the option to edit/delete their post if needed. If they refuse or fail to acknowledge you, notify one of the mods for these threads: Ranma00005, and myself, Shin-Rotendo.

Non-compliance of any of these rules can result in an infraction or a ban.

  1. No threads/avatars/profiles/reputation comments may be created to attack other members/mods/admins or groups of people. If you have a problem with someone don’t post about it first, take it up with them via PM or speak to a mod about it.

  2. No porn. No pictures or links to porn sites (real or animated). You will be banned for this without warning.

  3. No inappropriate avatars. Meaning, no nudity, sex, sexual situations, and no women in skimpy clothing. This is a game site people. So how about some game related avatars?? If you aren?t sure, then ask first. If not being able to have a naked/mostly naked woman in your avatar here at SRK bothers you, then perhaps you are coming to this site for the wrong reasons. There are also size limitations to avatars. The site will not allow you to upload something that does not fall within these size limitations: 160x60 and 20Kb. The system will automatically reject any avatar that does not fall within those size specifications.

  4. No excessive signature length. 5 lines is the maximum signature space allowed. Any signature to be in violation of this, will have their account suspended.

  5. Threads on discussing sex, is a very adult issue, keep it tasteful and clean. Any violation of distasteful posts, may result in your account being banned.

  6. Only one account per person. If you are found to have more than one account then all of them may be banned.

  7. Racism is a delicate subject and may be discussed, but threads or posts that are made to be demeaning to any particular race are NOT allowed. This goes the same for issues on sexual orientation.

  8. If you have been banned and you decide to create a new account and return, you MAY be immediately banned again without warning at the discretion of the moderators and/or administrators.

  9. If you have been warned by a mod, responding by calling them names is the FASTEST way to get banned without your side of the story being heard. If you disagree with the mod then INTELLIGENT discussion via PM is the best way to present your case. PMs or threads like “Fck you, dckhead!” won’t get you far and will get you banned again, so try and work with the mods. We are all reasonable and chances are we?ll help find a way to a happy medium for all parties involved.

  10. Do not re-post a thread that has been closed or deleted. The mod had their reasons for closing or deleting the thread so do NOT go and make another one. And do NOT make a thread cursing out the mod that closed your thread. If you want to know why a thread was closed then PM a mod and ASK. On a side-note, if you do decide to PM a mod and ask, then ask NICELY. Sending a PM like this: ?Why?d you close my damn thread! You B****!! F*** YOU!? is the best way to be banned immediately.

  11. Do not threaten other members. with physical violence or otherwise. This is not only against the rules, but extremely stupid in a legal sense.

  12. Do NOT discuss anything illegal. This includes roms, emulation(do not ask for help on obtaining roms or getting them to work), mod chips, pirated games, etc. Also talking about where or how to do it, is also prohibited. Those threads WILL be closed without notice, and/or the violator may be banned.

  13. Don’t spam your site’s url on SRK. The forums have been hit with a lot of spam under titles like “This scared the crap out of me” and then a link to outwar or some other site. Do not do this. It’s a waste of bandwidth and makes you look retarded. This also applies to referral links, take them elsewhere.

  14. No Taunting or Flame baiting allowed. This means slight name calling to provoke flame posts after you post. An example of this would be posting on how “Zangief is way better than Sagat, and anyone who thinks otherwise, is a jackass.” That is not allowed.

  15. Trolling is classified as sitting on the forums and posting nothing productive. This includes posting with the intention of being insulting towards someone when it’s entirely unprovoked. Some people also post with the intention of doing nothing but irritating the mods. That accomplishes nothing and wastes too much bandwidth. Trollers who can’t post anything productive will be banned at anytime an administrator feels you are abusing the system.

  16. No instant messenger/irc/live chat logs are to be posted on the site. If people wish to participate in live chat, they can do so at their own discretion, but posting logs will get you a infraction, if not more.

  17. Dont quote a post with a lot of image tags, you waste valuble forum bandwidth, and it will most likely get you infracted.

  18. No cursing in thread titles, this will get you an infraction.

  19. Racial slurs arent welcome here, dont use them here or you will be infracted.

  20. Don’t derail a topic to talk about what you want to talk about. Its rude and might just land you an infraction.

  21. Do not link to anything that is illegal. This includes copyrighted material in any form. This will result in a ban.

  22. To use the trading outlet you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

  23. No cussing in thread titles. Failure to follow this rule will result in a infraction. Cuss in threads all you want but not in the title.

  24. No thread derailing, just make another thread or search about a topic you want to talk about, no reason to derail others. Violation will result in a infraction.

  25. Remove image tags when replying, sometimes there are quite a few and it wastes bandwidth if you do that. Failure to follow will result in a infraction.

  26. No spoilers without using the spoiler tag. No one likes having their shows spoiled especially if an area hasnt had a opportunity to watch it yet. New shows can be talked about the next day and movies wait 3 days before spoiler tags don’t have to be used. Any violation will result in a infraction.

  27. No selling anywhere on unless you have been a member for 6 months, and have at least 50 posts (or approval from an administrator). Failure to comply will result in an immediate ban.
    For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

So there you have it… again. :china: