Read 6 pages of SFIV #1!

With Street Fighter IV #1 in stores next week, thought we’d put up the first 6 pages for everyone to read! (also some SF game is coming out… have you guys heard aout that? :wink:

So have a look, let us know what you think!

-UDON Matt

Birdie cool! Looks great! :tup:

damn… it looks great, but at the same time so depressing as this could have been the SF III comic like it was at first. :frowning:

great job, Udon, like always. hopefully we start seeing the SF III characters soon.

Nice Stuff

Awesome, Matt!!
You’ve been busy, I’m still laughin about that lilformers thread over at TFW…:lol:

Fun comic! Was pretty cool how it went on behind the scenes of the SF2 Tourney. Looking forward to Sakura next time!

I liked it. It was great to see Udon still incorporating Alpha characters into their books.