RE: The "Like", "Agree" "Insightful", etc buttons and a possible change

I (and many others) believe that more than one button should be clickable by the same user. I mean, can a post not be insightful, liked, and LOL-worth? Can it not be both agreed with and disliked? I mean, just because I agree that Dan sucks in AE12 doesn’t mean that I like that fact.

So yeah, I think there should be an upstream change to the forum software that would enable a user to click multiple buttons on a post to outline how they feel about said post.

Click like and agree if you like and agree with my request.

You should also be able to disagree with yourself.

Maybe if make this change then I can Like and Agree.

For now i’ll just agree.

max 3

I want a “Cool Story Bro” button.

The buttons are the best thing to happen to the site since the overhaul.

They almost make up for the rep bar. I miss my Galaga ships.

I miss earning green rep (via posts and not buying prem) in less than a year despite being an '09er and showing it off.

These buttons are pretty awesome.

I love seeing how butthurt some dudes get about it too…

"Exactly what about my post did you disagree with?"
Or they can be like @Oroborous… I disliked one of his posts and he went on a tirade on my account. So what did I do to respond? Disagreed with all his shit too. I can only hope he’s not taking it seriously and is just fucking around like me.

These buttons are win.

I’d like to have 2 LOL buttons for more clarification, one for “this is funny because you made a good joke” and “this is funny because you are retarded”.

That’s still nothing compared to the wars over rep lol,

Well, DUH!!!

We need a button to label something as stupid and another as shit, i also agree that we should be able to click more than one

Sodium Overdose button pls

I really want a “IDGAF” button.

I want the most like buttons so from what I have learned I have to post racist stuff and streamchat memes

We just need way more buttons so people can be more confused as to what to select.

Get rid of all the buttons. Why do people want to make forums into facebook?

I think for most people there is something very compelling about being invited to classify your reaction to something, or being able to leave feedback that goes on someone else’s permanent record, or even just being able to instantaneously leave some sort of marking that shows everyone that you’ve read something without having to actually compose a response to it.

I personally find it’s pretty amusing getting updates on how other people feel through the parodic filter of discrete oversimplification. It makes us all seem like toy people.

I also get a kick out of seeing when people have deliberately used a button that doesn’t actually fit its context.


We are democratically quantizing the emotions of a group! I need the world around me to be organized and compartmentalized into easy, manageable packages, okay? Especially my social interactions because otherwise that stuff is really, really complicated.

Posting is my main character right now so it’s nice that the forum automatically keeps track of everybody’s scores for me. You know I check my stats every time I come on here. No shame.

Farm those points, man!!! WHATEVER IT TAKES.