RE: "Easy 2x Snapout"

“Easy 2x Snapout”


Let’s start a discussion on Mag’s “easy double snaps”.

Ways to execute it:

Psylocke assist, juggle lk HK -> ROM (1 Rep) -> snap

cr lk, cr lk -> snap

When to try it:


I’m looking for suggestions on what inputs are best for hit confirming / safely attempting 2x snapouts.

I also need a lot of help on the timing. Do I watch the side of the screen for the assist to come out?

Is it better to try to snap CapCom before or after he does corridor?

Do pros hitconfirm random psy assist -> snap? It seems too fast for me… (the ROM method I listed above is the only way I can hitconfirm a doublesnap)

Any other ideas / inputs are also welcome. This essential part of mag’s game is really the biggest thing my MSP is lacking. :frowning:

Yes, it’s a hit confirm. However, the key is to setup attempts, not watch psylocke.

Let’s say my opponent is using an anti-air like commando and I just knocked him down. Naturally as I come in to rush he’ll call anti-air assist to stop me, but if I do two short kicks and hit him before the anti-air comes out, his anti-air stops and gets hit along with him. THen bam! Double snap. So really you’re hit confirming any short kick that hits when your opponent is calling assist.

Just like any hit confirm, the only real way to learn it is through playing people and going for it. It helps to have a spotter point out to you when you missed something important, such as a double snap.

The other thing is that if you get both point and assist characters in rom, you can lower both characters slowly and land the double snap.

Good stuff…

Another key to successfully 2x snapping is positioning. You have to be positioned at a certain spot (with some characters) to 2x snap. With ROM, you can also come down really fast and crossup/reset ROM to 2x snap as well, but thats a bit flashy.

Double post

Ok, here we go.

To start here are a few basic points which you probably know, but I feel really need to be considered.

  1. If you hit the point character as they call an assist but their assist has not yet touched the floor, then when the assist reaches the ground he will simply pose instead and jump back out. The assist also loses any invincibility frames that he/she may of otherwise had.

  2. If you do an OTG to double snap (For example off psy assist you go OTG short, slide xx snap) then you make it very difficult for yourself to get the assist kill because you cannot do another OTG lk to catch their assist (actually you can, but it can’t be OTG and the timing is strict) due to combo limitations.

Ok, as has been mentioned before; doing double snaps is a hit confirm. You need to be looking out for the opportunity, and it gets easier over time because you will know what you are looking out for. Here are a few pointers.

As the match goes on, make a profile in your mind as to when your opponent is going to call their assist. Some players are a lot more trigger happy than others, some players are smarter than others. A good tactic can be just to superjump towards them, but just block and see what they do.

In general, you won’t usually be able to get double snaps after the assist has done their move. Basically, nobody is stupid enough to leave their assist and themselves unprotected (actually scratch that, it works against scrubs who call their assist and then think doing a proton cannon is a good way to cover them… dash in short short psy snap profit!). On top of this, it is generally harder to hit confirm. Clearly not impossible, but a lot more difficult since it is more circumstantial.

A few good ways to set it up… The obvious answer being Tri jump Hk, short short psy snap. When to do it? straight after a 5 fierce combo for an easy reset. The tri-jump does NOT hit the assist, just the point character. but if they were mashing on their assist then the assist will jump in next to the player and pose. You start hit confirming from the short short psylocke, That should be plenty of time to see whether or not they called their assist.

Generally also, people are more willing to mash their assist when a) you have just done a damaging combo and you are going to go for a reset, they are more likely to panic and b) when they are stuck in the corner.

One last thing, not to do with snaps but more to do with your playstyle (but will indirectly link to snaps). I find it interesting that a lot of the questions you are asking are the same ones I was when I was just getting to that intemediate magneto stage. So I feel like I may be able to help you out :slight_smile:

Firstly, and sorry if you already do, but try and integrate the 5 fierce combo into your game. It’s just simply more damaging than going for the rom, and your less likely to screw up. easy way is just to a c.Hp straight off the psylocke assist (don’t let them touch the floor), and I would recommend going for this at every opportunity you can. Also, you get a free reset since they cannot roll afterwards. The only problem is you can only do this when you are right next to them, so if you are too far away then you can just lk, slide xx sjc ROM.

Secondly, learn a few simple resets. A good one is when you are doing the two lk’s down from the ROM, dash underneath them, tri jump Hk them from the otherside into another combo. Another one which is very effective is when they are on the ground, normal jump upwards, then dash forwards and call psylocke assist at the same time. The assist comes out behind them and they will be blocking the wrong way.

And FINALLY… and a lot of magneto players are guilty of this… magneto’s main poke is NOT psylocke assist. Don’t get me wrong, psylocke can be good for punishing close range mistakes. But your main source of pressure is and should be magneto.

Good stuff…

Explained pretty well, and should help this guy out with his Magneto. I agree with the whole ROM vs 5fierce deal, its easier to do 5fierce. They are both pretty much the same when it comes to mixup after connecting, but 5fierce is a simple way to get damage. And most opponents are scurrying after they get up and may call out an assist, which allows for opps for 2x snaps. While Rom takes a bit of concentration, and frequently new Mags players try too hard to perform it when they should focus on Magneto overall (basic combos, airdash, crouching attacks, etc.) Anyone can do ROM, but many dont know when to perform snaps. If its a mirror MSP match, focus on your opponent assist routines (like percy said). Many MSP’s are too assist happy and end up being snapped because of it, so work on your defense of counter assist.

Thanks so much for the help…

So, it’s entirely possible to meaty cr. short someone on wakeup if they’re mashing commando?

I wish I could training mode that somehow.

No doubt… tendency to over call/abuse psy often becomes msp’s biggest weakness. I’ve used low tier many many times to just build meter and wait for that sloppy call. No more psy for msp… the match just changed big time.

Thanks for all the responses.

Could someone be REALLY specific about the MSP vs Cable / Capcom matchup? (Or anybody / Capcom assist)

I don’t know wether to try to hit Capcom BEFORE or AFTER he does corridor.

I don’t know what I’m waiting for them to do before I try to attack and/or snapout.

I super jump + block to bait commando, but then I’m still left with empty airdashing above cable and praying I get lucky.

I want to start playing smart, I just don’t know what to look for. :frowning:

Good reflexes are the best way to hit confirm. Most tournament magneto players don’t do any hit confirm. Just, when you see that you psylocke assist hit their point character, and their assist character is also on the screen…snapback. You have plenty of time once you get used the the speed.

This applies to you question about cable/capcom as well. Snapback after you’ve hit cable with lk lk psy. Don’t worry about whether psy hit commando or not because the SNAPBACK will hit him. Don’t base your gameplay around landing double snapbacks though. Just focus on getting past commando. He isn’t that tough. His assist is VERY vertical. Normal jumping forward (while blocking of course) will get over his assist almost everytime. Superjumping, then airdashing straight forward willget you past him too, but of course you have to make sure cable doesnt superjump with you and cut off your path. One of the easiest ways to get hit is while airdashing downforward at your opponent. WHen I play against XXX/Commando I usually take it ez and use normal jump Forward or air dash Forward to get near them. Then once they call commandos assist and he misses me OR I CAN OTHERWISE CONFIRM THAT THE COAST IS CLEAR i attack. BTW none of this works for me against Sentinel/commando lol. I still haven’t figured out any strong tactics against that zone. But against cable/capcom normal jump is your friend cuz capcom AAA misses them all day. Sometimes I will normaljump forward and once I’m past the commando assist and the coast is clear while I’m still in the air I’ll a/d df RH if cable is in range.

Every cable’s gonna zone you different. Main thing to remember are movements that get you hit. In my mvc2 experience airdashing d/f at xxx/capcom is one of them.

Playing against commando assist is like double dutch jumprope. You’re openings are only their for a split second, so go for it when its safe. If you don’t get the hit then BE PATIENT for the next opening. Don’t keep triangle jumping trying to force it. Also, if cable blocks your lk lk psy. normal jump forward. This is bcuz he will likely call commando. By NJ’ing towards cable you stay directly in his face, you avoid commando, and if cable tries to ahvb psy you can hit him before the ahvb comes out. But if cable pushblocks you at the lk lk psy attempt then you gotta immediately superjump, and then react to whatever he does next.

That is a hit confirm…

Good advice there. This is one of those situations where it is too easy to get psylocke fried; if he blocks your lk lk psylocke and then counter calls with capcom then you and psy are stuck on the other side of the screen, and pretty have no way of stopping psylocke getting shot (exept a quick DHC)