Re-arranging an entire forum without any feedback?

In the Hugo forum we had been developing a system to keep matchup knowledge neat and concise.

In the past all matchup knowledge has been contained in one thread. That means 43 matchups all in one thread. All the questions, all the answers, all the tips, tricks, everything, about 43 matchups in one thread. It quickly gets out of hand and information gets very hard to find.

If you play Hugo and just want info on how to fight Guile, you eventually have to go through 40 pages of information to find tidbits. You ask questions that have been answered and add to the posts that contain no knowledge and make the thread grow longer. People get tired of answering the same questions.

We had made a master matchup thread list here:

As you can see, each matchup has it’s own thread. This worked for us…

One of the mods came in and deleted all the threads and put them into one, and they did so very sloppily so that there are now a ton of useless posts in the matchup thread here: How to Squash Your Meat: Hugo Match Up Thread

Eventually the matchups that were not discussed would drop off and be replaced by threads that were alive. The master Stickied thread would provide quick links to all the matchups so nothing was ever hard to find.

The only mod to complain about this was D3V who complained that it looked like a clusterfuck. I don’t know if it was him but you can’t blame me for suspecting.

Is this acceptable behavior for mods? The forum is going to be full of posts no matter what, why does it matter if there are individual and organized matchup threads?

Whoever did it, didn’t even bother to delete all the troll posts by Lunaire.