rcaido the pretender

Wrong game, that’s ST and this is the HDR forum. But really, what a pathetic post. Your intention is to somehow embarrass, but anybody with half a brain knows that there’s always someone better than each of us. HDR/ST is also a game where matches are over in seconds, and one mistake can lead to being beaten. That Fei was no “scrub” either (chicken wing into chicken wing juggle into super juggle), but of course portraying the Fei as a “scrub” is part of the put-down.

The fact that you posted this anonymously rather than under your normal SRK username says volumes about you and about your motives. Ugly.

Edit to add: So, that youtube username is “thelastcoins” and when I Google that phrase I come up with this page: http://thelastcoins.wordpress.com/about/ which just happens to have the logo of the ‘Super Turbo Revolution’ on it… what a coincidence!

That’s cigargirl I bet lol what a whore

needs more ranting about cornfields

LOL!! So after I made my post above, whoever owns that blog at http://thelastcoins.wordpress.com/about/ changed the blog theme so as to remove the ‘Super Turbo Revolution’ logo. Don’t worry though, I got pictures of before and after :slight_smile:

Before: http://i583.photobucket.com/albums/ss273/geometricpatterns/thelastcoins1.jpg

After: http://i583.photobucket.com/albums/ss273/geometricpatterns/thelastcoins2.jpg

Now, it’s curious that in the ‘before’ picture there is a picture of the ‘Super Turbo Revolution’ logo and a picture of Dhalsim. Do we know anyone who is associated with that crew and plays Dhalsim? I do.

This is a really cool thread dude. What makes it even cooler is that you created a different account than your usual one because you are a coward. No go fall in a well or something.

it has to be cigargirl

Its funny how they only show the first two matches…Oh that guy was no scrub fei…

Taking the time to create a fake account, record some online matches, convert it to video, upload it to youtube, create a thread and then post in the wrong forum? For what? To show rcaido losing two online matches? Haha! Good shit!

Let’s all take a minute to laugh at the OP and then move on with our lives :slight_smile: