RC video?

sup everyone, im new here. I just read through the post about “read before asking questions” and read over the section on RCing. Is there a video to see exactly what it looks like? Im just curious when RC’ing, will it stop in mid-roll and do the special or is it @ the end of the roll into the special? Im sure ill have more questions to come…great forums tho, alots of cool info.

thanks, brandon.

very beginning of the roll… http://www.crazyasskim.com/cvs2_vids.htm

any of them with blanka in a roll groove. you’ll see him move forward a little bit and electricity will come out

does RC’n work against the computer?


Yeah there’s actually a vid that was made by the “Xerocrew” in 2001. It shows RC being done with various characters and situations.

I’m too old. :frowning:

That vid was hilarious.

It had the Earth Wind and Fire music. “Let’s Groove tonight!”

I’m too old too…

Throws Mai’s Fan…

Geese RC’s command counter through it.


I still have all these vids. I have vids from 2001 - now. Almost everything. Stopped watching match vids around late 04 I think.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn.

DJ-B13 tutorial videos.

www.combovideos.com > tutorial videos > CvS2

Obot64’s Backup Off me video.


dj-b13 is my boy and all, but yea. please dont use any of his videos as references, or dont recommend them to anybody else

they show you a bunch of stuff that doesnt actually work in real matches

sup everyone, thx for all the replies. Once i actualy did an RC it was easy to see what it was, thanks agian tho :slight_smile:

Nick T. Is to old…

do you have msn Nick?

hit me up at ewhsdavism@hotmail.com

the throw setups and guard strings are usually not safe… specifically his sagat video… blocked tigerknees in block strings.

silly stuff like low forward, low tiger super (lvl1), dash, throw

You mean THIS ONE?!



I uploaded that


Oh man that would be class to do a taunt when a man fire balls you and it goes right through you