Razer Sabertooth Pad! Is it banned?

Haven’t found any current or even relatively new info on this so could use some help.

Too vague a question.

Banned from what and why?

Also this has nothing to do with tech talk.

My apologies. I meant is it banned from tournaments? I’ve read that its predecessor the Razer Onza was banned from MLG.
Just wondering if the Sabertooth is banned from FG tournaments? It has 6 programmable buttons but you can can only make them of your existing controller buttons. It’s similar to people using select on a stick to plink Lights.

Anything programmable has always been banned in FG tournaments.People programming specials and supers so they have 1 button special is dumb as all hell.

That’s not how Sabertooth works.

No, that’s not how it works. You’re only able to make one of your 6 buttons “1” single xbox pad button. For example, you can make your back rocker button LB or X. One button, per button.
I get it though, hearing “programmable buttons” it sounds shady. There is no way to make multiple buttons or inputs on one of your mappable button.
This pad was made for for FPS. I just needed a new pad and saw this and couldn’t help myself.

I think you’re trying to say it allows you to remap your buttons. Similar to how the Hori FE allows it.

MLG does not dictate anything in the FGC.
MLG has there own rules and will ban anything that falls out side of there realm of normalcy.
MLG had in the past banned those rubber analog thumb stick grips and the snap-on PS3 trigger grips




You question is still kinda vauge as there many, many smaller local and regional tournaments just around the US, not to mention anywhere else in the world.
Most Fighting game tournaments follow’s Evo’s example for rules.

Evo’s rules ban the following controllers (not a complete list and it might update before next Evo)

Wireless controllers, including the Sony Dual Shock 3, the Sony Six Axis and the MS wireless XBox 360 game pad (those wireless controllers who need a USB receiver are okay)
Any controller which does Macros/ Programable Macros

What is allowed
Button remapping (changing a location of said button)
Adapters/converters (example: use your favorite PS2 pad at the tourney)
Controllers that are capable of SOCD, as the regular wired game pads with analog thumb sticks technically are capable of this. (Use/Abuse of SOCD cheats are not allowed, so Hitbox players better have their SOCD cleaners installed).

As for the Razer Sabertooth
MLG bans this as you can remap buttons on the fly. Anything that can be perceived as giving a unfair advantage can be banned, unless the feature already exist on a licensed MLG product.
Evo, since I see no mention of Macros, the extra buttons and button remapping is designed so you keep your thumbs on the analog sticks is with in allowable Evo rules.

Further more, I fail to see how this topic relates to Tech Talk.