Razer Atrox dual modding problem

Hello there,

thanks for your attention, and i hope this is the right section to write this post.

i’ve a problem here. I’m dual modding an Atrox Xbox One arcade stick from Razer with a Hori Mini 4 PCB.
I added a neutrik USB adapter to have one cable for each pcb.
Now, both pcbs are common ground, so i use the classic commond ground wiring to connect ground and signals.
But, when i connect the usb or the atrox cable, buttons work well but the stick is not working. every direction i push is wrong, only UP is right.
Could you help me to find the problem please?


  1. Take clear pictures of your dual-mod. A picture says a thousand words.

  2. On which platform are Right/Left/Down wrong and Up is correct? Just the XBO? Just PS4? Both?

  3. Just to be sure: you connected grounds and signals between the two PCBs, did you connect Vcc as well?

Thanks for your answer.

  1. now everything is unmounted and in confusion, it would not help to take pics! i got angry and i was trying everything not in a clean way, heheeh

  2. on both

  3. i’ve to connect Vcc from a pcb to the other?

I think that if i have 2 separated cables, i’ve not to connect vcc between pcbs, i’m wrong?

Yup, your thought process is incorrect.

Golden rule of dual-modding: GND between all PCBs need to be connected, Vcc between all PCBs need to be connected, regardless of how you do the system-cables.

Ok, i’ll connect the Vcc and i give you feedback. Thanks man!

Ok, i found another problem, it was on a solder, damn.
But now, if i connect the Vcc on both pcbs, if i put PS4 cable in, it works, but if i put the Xbox One it doesn’t. and if i remove the vcc, both work.
I don’t know what to say… :\

Post a pic

Tomorrow i will, thanks.