Raven video thread

Didn’t see one so I’ll post some links I found



thanks. i just picked up raven and he is a good male role model


First part of casuals at one of our fight nights. There were some games before this but this video is when I first got on (as Jin/Raven) There’s a lot more but apparently the guy recording it has no internet at home and uploads them at school or something lol.

Yeah, the focal point is more Jin but take what you will from it.

4:02:00 is a bit of my Raven vs Noel Brown. There should be some more of my Raven after / before that. Also can see some Dieminion Guile in action in GFs:

fuck me sideways jon, you have a badass raven bro

One of my matches involving Raven.


just wanted to post my recent sfxt ver 2013 match. just to get alittle critic if any, I like my raven, sorry for the shakiness [media=youtube]2uBiyfQxh2E[/media]

Not sure if it’s a match or a combo video.