Raul Julia's M. Bison. Poster diesgned for Super Vs Battle

Just finished designing a poster for Super Vs Battle (World tournament, held in UK). Pleased with how it came out, so thought i’d post it up here.

I design a lot of posters (www.graphicblandishment.com), but usually for gigs. Tried to apply the same style here, with a slice of 80’s VHS horror thrown into the mix.

“You come to fight a madman, and instead find a god? Do you still refuse to accept my godhood? Keep your own God! In fact, this time may be a good time to pray to Him! For I beheld Satan as he fell from Heaven like lightning!”

Look pretty awesome. The expression and look are accurate to Julia’s Bison, not to mention the text all over gives in a more horror-like vibe and amps the intimidation factor.

Nice retro feel to SF, like before it got all anime and stuff.

I love it. I am a fan.

Yeah definitely wanted to go that way, glad you’re into that vibe.

Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:

Sick one Sendo!