Raul Julia was going to legalize it

I cam across a new conspiracy theory while watching da Street Fighter movie for the 43rd time. Raul Julia was going to follow in the steps of Reagan and he was going to run for the governorship of Miami. Dats why he agreed to play Miles Bison. You think he just did it for his kids? Hell nah. Remember when Arnold ran for Governor? What was the last film he did before he ran? T3. That movie was ass and he knew it was ass. His kids didn’t want to see dat movie. Not even the one he had with the maid. But he did dat movie not just for the payday but he knew it would get him out there and help him in the election.


Van Damn was going to help him run. Fact. So what happened?

The Rise of the Dark Crusaders saw what was going down. Dey knew that Julia’s portrayal of a dictator was a parody, kind of like Stephen Colbert. So Julia was set to to run and he was going to appear in the Bison costume and do the levitate thing to mock his opponent.s But the Dark Crusaders were onto this. And so, head by the grand rapist bill cosby they teamed up with Julia Roberts.

Bill gave the order


Raul’s big plan was to finally legalize weed. Dark Crusaders said nah son.

RIP :frowning:

Julia Roberts snuck in and gave him da cancer. And who was the offspring of that unholy union. Who is the real DARKNESS? Think about it. Who was the most evil country on earth? Russia. Who is from Russia? Zangief. Gief was also in Street Fighter da movie. What is Gief’s main move? The SPD. What happens when you rearrange SPD? You get DSP.


Therefore the Dark Crusaders as lead by Bill Cosby and Julia Roberts assassinated Raul Julia and that directly lead to the alternate bad biff tannen timeline where DSP did 9/11




You do kinda’ dood who buys 3 can of fake snakes. You know like in a joke shop or Spencers Gifts where dey open da can and spring snakes come out. You try juggling the cans and they fall somewhere and they all land inside your butt. Then Batman comes up to you like: “Do you bleed?”

Den you walk away, the cans go off, Batman goes: “You will” as you get rushed to the hospital.

this dude coppy the louiecipurr floppy

so much pp cuz this shit is crappy

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Still a more legit conspiracy theory than anything Shin Akuma ever posted.

Don’t encourage either of them!

2003 wants it’s Dave Chappelle Oprah and Cosby own Black entertainers shtick back.

Also, I do conspiracy theory trolls better than you could ever dream up and I didn’t even get to post mine.


An’ the best webcomic’s 'bout a possum named Poppy

Da fuq?

i aint no amazing furbags nukka


Liez. The best webcomic is about cats.

BeGuiled alt account.


Beguiled’s prose is entirely too upper middle class white boy.

He’s one of maybe six exceptions to the “Until Otherwise” rule, right alongside g3nshiro_ and Ephidel~Eren.

I can only brain in colors now.

he was gonna legalize it son

I stopped reading when you said you watched the SF movie 43 times.

I’m convinced the illuminati is going to start assassinating pro cannabis leaders and make them look like terrorist attacks, fueling ww3
world war weed
3 w’s
think about it.
The internet. The matrix. Wwe in leet speak. Rowdy Roddy piper. They live.
The point is, weed wakes you up out of their control and they’ve lost their grip on prohibition.

2016ers trying to be the worst ever