Ratio 4 G. Rugal

I’m not a good player at all, but i think G. Rugal has just enough stamina and just enough strenght at Ratio 4 to at least be “For fun”. he has a great level 3 the lowest jump in the game (which means his low jump has some near instant overhead type things going for it) A better anti air than regular rugal, some nice extra moves. A better kaiser wave (i haven’t tested it but you may be able to hit people jumping on on you and you won’t miss someone that’s right in front of you like with a normal kaiser wave) A Level 3 from a raged ratio 4 K groove sagat won’t whipe him out instantly (crouching fierce tiger raid).

He has rugals one fuck up and you die c groove combos, a fast walk, a extremely fast run.

He can probably play some shun goku satsu games too since he has that aswell.

His anti air may not have alot of invincibility but it hits pretty far kinda like a flash kick type anti air and you can beat akuma dive kicks with it so it can’t be too shabby.

He seems to be able to stun kinda good i guess, and Jump in roundhouse standing middle kick into fierce genocide cutter does half life on ratio 2 cammy.

I think he may be a decent fighter, i dont’ know about roll cancelling really i don’t have any competition but he seems like a decent goof off character.

I read somewhere about critical damage area and maybe he’s a good ratio 4 , he seems to take decent damage compared to his ratio 1 form (obviously but he can actually afford to be hit once in a while)

Shin akuma doesn’t seem to be decent at all in ratio 4 while rugal does.

Just mentioning it, but maybe i’m wrong.

C groove rugal doesn’t even need run, he can walk faster that some characters run most likely.

His dash sucks sadly (although it’s really fast, it’s not a hop), but he has a good cross up and too much damage from crouching shorts. ( c. lk, c. lk either level three, or classic rugal madness with lvl 2 gigantic pressure into level 1 or regular slam)

What do you guys think? check it out, he seems to take damage like a normal ratio 2 character or something, which would amke him the Akuma of Ratio 4 characters (not that anyone uses them…)

he has alot of options and alot of great moves.

One last thing, his kaiser wave charges up so much faster, you’ll get three hits in no time, just charge it until he leans back the third time and let go (this should be obvious) same thing as holding it until he lets go on his own.

well hope i didnt’ waste people’s time.

(don’t forget the great recovery on his akuma teleport)

EDIT: i also forgot to mention the command throw, it’s really fast, if someone tried to jump away from you you cand o it and catch them when they land, and it won’t act like rugals regular slam it’ll keep going and it won’t stop even if it’s on top of a corpse or a jumper that’s a little too high. I guess you can also psychically roll when you predict they are going to try to jump over you for some reason and try to do the throw, since they are facing the wrong way they prolly can’t hit you.

edit: 12829 damage on ratio 2 sagat from the old rugal c grooove combo, that’s not too bad, his throw takes off about as much as a level 1 off r2 sagat. His level one has total invincibility in his attack leg i think, i’m beating out iori’s dps in training mode. It’s also alot easier to connect all 3 hits.