Rate the avatar of the poster above you

I havnt seen a thread like this for a long time…Rate the avatar of the poster above out of 10…i’m ready to see some badass av’s.:smiley:

I give it a 9.5. It’s fucking awesome, but it doesn’t really have that :eek: factor that makes me want an av like that.
Awesome av there TetsuAKA!


Hmm… quite a nice looking avatar. I’m gonna go with a whopping 10.

I just pray and hope that the s-c haters don’t bombard your ass with hatred for making this thread.

Crap. Didn’t realize someone else posted right before me. It’s cool though. Pumpins av is one of the coolest avs I’ve ever seen. I’d give it more than a 10 if a could. What the hell… 20/10.

This thread needs to be in the IMM forum, so I’m moving it there.

nice av RU…ill give it a 9/10…i like it lots…as for OC…that shit is Pimpin…i know that im not supposed to rate his but i give it a 10/10:D

simple but nice saturn 7/10

kinda cool, 6/10

erm decent mirage, that mai person looks kind ugly… 6.5/10

Sexy. 6/10

A white version of Eddie… not bad. I’ll give it a 9 = 0.5 for the “First it giveth” title for agrand total of 9.5

i give it a 10/10…very origanal and nothing that i have seen before…nice av DE:D

Thanks man. Well, since I’ve already rated yours and the one before that, I’ll rate Fobio’s. It looks bad-ass. Dr. Doom looks so much cooler red. 9.5

Nice Ibuki pic, 9.2… Mine isn’t fighting game related so there’s points lost there I’m sure. I’ll have to make a new av or if there’s someone who would like to make me one… :cool:

Exceptionally cute and decently funny. I give your Av a 8.5 [wintermute]. I always see it on GD and laugh.

10/10 blue, jes becuz the 2 are soo kool… but realistically, id say 9/10, since i was rated already, how bout this other avatar of mine:

btw, tetsu, urs get a 10/10, looks really kool, especially the purple flames part thingy


although not a favorite character of mine, the avatar is beautiful, 9.0

thanks fobi0…i rate your av a 9/10…and the guys above me gets an 8/10…nice job on it:D

papa trunks, 8/10, u can get a pic of bigger boobs but thats a nice size!:smiley:

10/10 Megaman, at least its better than mine.