Rate: Marvel/vs Series

Rate the series from best to worst, and give ratings for each one, I don’t really have opinions on them so I’ll let you guys do the rating.

Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Marvel vs Capcom
Marvel vs Capcom 2
X-Men: Children of the Atom

I think that’s it… Could be more…

Well I would say that my personal favourite is MSH, but MvC2 would be the best out of the bunch, since it is the ultimate Marvel game. So screw the haters. :tup:

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter better than X-Men vs Street Fighter? No way.

My personal favorites are X-Men vs Street Fighter and MVC2. MSHvsSF was a horrible, horrible game.

Worst hands down: MSH vs SF

The best
#1 MVC2 - DUH
#2 Xmen vs SF

the above is fact and not open to discussion. as for the rest, here is my opinion:

#3 TIE: Xmen COTA and MSH
#4 MVC1

the best:
mvc2 and xvsf are tied for me, they’re just too good.

the rest are trash. mvc1 is alright i guess…

xmcota is just horrible(wth is up with the combo system in this game), msh i dont like cause of no pushblock and non-existant flying screen mode, and mshvsf is just boring…

and if you choose mshvsf over xvsf, you’re on crack sadly.

Eh, those weren’t my ratings, I said in my first post I don’t really have opinions so I’d leave em to you, I was just listing the games so people would know exactly what I’m talking about…

1: MvC2 - clearly the best
tie 2: MvC1 + XvSF + MSH - MvC1 adds some depth and feels more like a team game than some of the earlier ones. XvSF has the best char selection out of the early games by far. MvC1 and MvSF char selection seems kinda bad in comparison. MSH is just solid, may be a step above MvC1 and XvSF but its too close to call
3: MvSF- Boring char selection, not much depth, annoying music, boring combos, cool sound effects tho. not really a bad game just not as good as the rest
4: X:CoTA - just not much fun, the engine blows.

Mvc1 all the way.


good one

Mine would be


mvc2 > mvc > xmen vs sf > cota > msh > mvsh

mvc2 cause yeah… its fun and stays fun
mvc cause it has jin :smiley:
xmen cause every char has it’s own bs that makes em fun :smiley:
cota cause sentinels tight ( he has so much more shit in that game O_o)
and the rest are meh

#1 XvSF
#2 MSH
#3 MVC1

and uhh i dont like that rest at all

MSH only because that’s the first game that I played juggy with space gem means instant death cannot be countered while in this form.
as for the rest
XvSF infinite game
mvc cross fever is the closest thing to a team game even if it last for a short time
mvc2 still popular even for five (5)years counting.


Overall feelings

  1. MvC2(as much as I hate to say it, it is fun, even when I ignore the brokenness of some shit)
  2. MSH-XvSF(1st and 2nd best versions of Juggy, Shuma’s never been as good as in MSH, Gems owned so badly in that game, XvSF has the 2nd best roster(with almost all the best versions of those chars))
  3. COTA(Niggas need to stop sleeping, this is the most free a combo system can be, every Marvel char had to be nerfed since this game)
  4. MvC1(I can’t remember the exact reason why I played it as long as I did…)
  5. MSHvSF(Best Dan since SFZ1, umm…And…er…)


  1. MSH(Juggs has never been better, everyone has some BS, Gems are a blessing and a curse, as they should’ve been)
  2. XvSF(Sabertooth, Gief, Juggs, Charlie…Hell, best roster EVAR)
  3. COTA(In all honesty, I’ll play COTA before I’ll play MvC2, given a choice)
  4. MvC2(see above)
  5. MvC1/MSHvSF(there’s some fun shit in there, but not enough to make me rush to play them)

given that each and every onen of the marvel series has been broken in one form or another…

  1. mvc2
  2. msh
    3t. xvsf
    3t. mvc
  3. mshvsf
  4. cota

4.MSH vs. SF
6. Mvc1

Holy shit. Even after you put up that essay on how much Jin sucks you can’t get enough of that fire, huh? =p

good to see most people know xvsf = ownage.


I can play double Sakura to satisfy my perversions and fantasies (and double Zangief too, oh my). ;p Then DC MvC2 came along and allowed triple Sakura. Oh well.

its interesting to see that everyone thinks of mvc1 so lowly even though that game and mvc2 are the only vs games that had any type of large scale tournament scenes. mvc1 sucks ya, but mvc2 wouldnt be as popular as it is today if it wasnt for that game.