Rate and help me with that idea i had for a youtube channel

Today i created a youtube channel named “Street Snacks” where i’m putting very small videos with quick hints for each character organized in playlists

I’m not going to deep, its just some basic hints that may help if you know nothing about the character

Example : "Ibuki ways to deal with fireballs " its a 30 seconds lenght videos showing how to use slide, overhead, ex neck breaker, ultra 2, focus and ex kunai to catch the enemy in the recovery time

I’m planning to post about her
Basic combos > Done
Ways do deal with fireballs > done
Vortex startups after hard knockdown (kunai, overhead, cross overs…)
Things not to do
and a bonus video with some random things i think people should know

And later on i will post about other characters(thats why this thread isnt in ibuki sub forum)

Do you have some hints or ideas? Let me know please

Why do you need validation? Easily digestible information is always welcomed, as long as the information is accurate and concise. Of course, everything has to be clean- good HD 720p capture, if you choose to talk instead of show text your mic quality should be good… Make sure you actually edit so you don’t waste people’s time rambling on or saying “um” or “uh” (so many tutorials these days are done completely off the cuff and end up being an hour or more)… write a script beforehand and read off of it… etc.

Though I would say it might be prudent to wait until Ultra, so you can get the most amount of new eyes looking.

Then again, if they’re just short videos, might as well just do it. Your call, I suppose.

sound good for beginner , but i personally would be annoyed to watch 5-10 video of 30sc instead of one video of couple of minutes

What if i make a compilation of every snack of the character in a big one if the person have time to it? The person can even watch the full lenght one first and then watch the pieces he needs to see how to do it again

is this quality ok?

Honestly I would reccomend the format of Technology Tree. The videos only cover Juri, but are pretty informative and fall under 8 minutes if I remember correctly. You could still make the videos basic stuff for each character instead of getting very in depth

Looks good.

I would think about adding a stroke to your text but it’s your call. It seems readable enough.

I will try it next time, thank you very much for the help