Rapis seismo p2 side

Can anyone please help me with rapid seismo on p2 side. I can do it ver constantly on p1 side but can do 0 on playyer 2 side. Does anyone have a good method of practicing it.

I think everything comes down to the way you hold your stick. I hold it beetwen my 3rd and 4th fingers, but my hand is slightly on the left side of the stick. It makes everything going backward (from a P1 perspective) easier but everything forward a pain… So it’s easier for me to do Ultra, Meterless EXSeismo Fadc… on P2 and FFF on P1. That’s something I have to correct.

I played against Xian a couple of times and I noticed that he has his hand more on top of the stick (but still between the same fingers). I tried in training and everything works better for me, but it still doesn’t come naturally. How do you hold it ? Assuming you play on a stick of course. :wink:

I hold it the same way, but I struggle with the p1 side. There’s a lot of things I tend to drop from that side, even something easy like dp fadc u1 with Ryu/Ken.