Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbuhen

I’ve been playing this lately and despite its slow speed I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with it. Definitely one of most solid SF2 esque fighters on the Snes.

Anyone know the tiers? I haven’t played it enough to really decide, but Kuno seems quite good, as does ryouga and ranma chan.

Once I get abit more adept with the game I will try and write some brief character guides.

Also heres a [media=youtube]lsv7pdPh2SI"[/media]

Shampoo and the cheerleader chick = broken

Care to elaborate abit?

Ryoga was top in that game. Along with the best anti air (which was quite safe when blocked), he had a stupid safe pressure chain (Headbutt into Shishihoukoudan or Bakusai Tenketsu ) which was an instant dizzy when hit. After that, he’d be able to land a kill off the next combo.

Yeh Ryoga does some pretty hefty damaged and i was really susprised at how good the bakusai Tenketsu was.

Reason why I thought Kuno was good, cause all his normals are great pokes it seems, and you can instantly combo anything into Humikomi Menippon. He can also really quickly close the gap too so put more pressure on knocked down opponents with it
Tobino Kitsuki is a great backdash too. With these moves he can move round the screen alot quicker than you’d think.

His projectile is nice too, not as wide as Ryouga’s, but just as tall and travels further, plus he his Tenchi Raimeikiri is a great anti-air which hits on the way up and down, making up for its crap recovery.

Ryoga…is …the …man.

Yeah Kuno, Ryoga, and girl Ranma are top tier from what I’ve seen, but all the characters in the game are at least decent…except for the Panda, he just sucks.

Cheerleader Chick has a weird glitch.

Do either her ground or air fireball and then immediately do her Y+B jump kick thing repeatedly. If the glitch worked after the first jump she should jump again from mid air, so it looks like she’s flying.

Its a good way to cross the screen really fast in order to pressure your opponent after the fireball.

Kuno is actually too good, to the point where he’s pretty much banned if you ever run a tournament for this game.

Cheerleader is really good, Ryoga is death in one combo (more or less), Akane is the same, though she relies on literaly random dizzy, and Kudochi is damn scary when zoning / keeping away.

I just played the biggest asshole ever at this on zbattle, his name was Beserker. He was very good player, but his attitude was appalling.

We desynced a couple of times and starting going off on one about how I faked desynced? Then he starts shit talking about Whitefolks, the maker of the combovid. The says how he knows all these infinites. I asked him to show me these infinites and he refuses to show me, cause they are his “secrets”. Finally after some arm twisting he agreed to show me but only if I beat him, well there was just no way, he was alot better than me.

Anyway I lecture him about holding stuff back. If he ever wants to play more people then he needs to show people the stuff he knows. If this is the kind of people that play this game, then quite frankly I want no part of it. If your reading this Beserker, get a clue.

Haha, I’ve played Berserker before, he was never a jerk the way you’re describing him.

I should get something recorded next time our ‘crew’ hangs out.


Mint is also pretty buff. Good anti air, good projectile, and a shit load of damage. He’s a shoto with the damage tuned up.


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me and a couple other locals have been playing this game a little. It’s pretty stupid, but pretty entertaining at times. We’ve even got some match videos!


I used to think Mariko (cheerleader) was the best character in the game, but now I think she’s #2 to female Ranma. Female Ranma can do ridiculously silly combos off her crouching LK’s, and if they block she can just walk up and do f+LP for an easy throw (a jump kick animation), which can be followed up with a crouching HK sweep everytime. Plus she has incredible mobility with her fast walking speed and double jump (plus divekick), which can cause problems for a lot of the slower characters. She just seems like an absolute nightmare, but it’s possible she’s not AS good as I’m thinking.

Mariko is still really solid. Poke poke poke poke poke poke into split kick. Air fireball is really good if you can get the motion off, it has an annoying arc. I think she can beat some slower characters for free if she can run away to full-screen distance and just keep repeating her super pom-pom throw over and over - as far as I can tell, some characters have no way to get through this other than blocking it and hoping they can close the distance. Although she owns the shit out of most of the cast, Kuno counters her for free.

Kuno’s probably #3. Really good normal moves, especially his standing HP which can be buffered into his lunging swipe thing. His LP+LK backhop attack has an obnoxious hitbox and instantly gets him out of any situation should they get close. His uppercut thing is great anti-air, but the part where it hits on the way down isn’t all that good against people already on the ground, since they can just duck the attack.

after that I’m not really sure where everyone else ranks

Shampoo has really good mobility like female Ranma, also having a double jump and divekick and what seems like the fastest walking speed in the game. She would be really fucking good if all the combos involving her HP+HK double kick would actually get both hits of the double kick, so many times I’ve seen the second kick blockable.

Ryoga is solid, but head butt into “power geyser” isn’t completely safe - characters like Kuno and Mousse can still poke him after being pushed back. Against most characters it’s really really good though.

Mousse has some good normals, some have some weird hitboxes that make them a real pain in the ass to get around. Only problem is that some of his moves leave him at frame disadvantage even on hit, so it gets him killed eventually.

Akane seems good, but whenever I play her I usually just make it a point to keep going for her rapid bag spin thing lol. If you keep tapping the punches it actually does more block damage. She doesn’t have much else in the way of combos but she does have an easy throw command at least (b+HP when close).

Kodachi’s super is insanely good, but I can’t find much else to do with her, most of the rest of her special moves suck.

Ukyo has a ghetto no-damage infinite, lol. LP+LK stuns the opponent if they’re not blocking, and you can keep doing it infinitely to push them into the corner or whatever. If you’re a real dick you could just keep doing it until time runs out. She seems okay otherwise, some of her moves are kinda strange though and I’m not used to her

Genma has one really good combo (repeated standing LP’s into shoulder charge), but he’s so slow and has shitty range on a lot of his attacks. His uppercut isn’t bad though since it stays out so long in the air and will often hit people that think the move has already finished.

Male Ranma… none of us ever play him but he doesn’t really seem to have anything good. Why bother when the Female version is far better?

Hinako is garbage. She’s obviously a little better if you can get the transformation off I think. She’s also got some weird high/low mixup with her dash moves, but ehhh.

I could probably go into more detail on some of these characters but I don’t feel like typing any more right now

I think it’s time for another bump! Good info up there. ^

Male Ranma is actually pretty good. Dive kick, low HP xx hiryu shoten ha always dizzies and then about 90% of your opponent’s health is gone. While his damage potential from dive kicks is great than Female Ranma, he’s no where near as versatile. Pretty good walking speed but his low LKs are pretty crap. I’d say he’s not quite as strong as Ryoga (has a safer dp move and does better damage).

Does anyone have some more expanded info (if these characters even warrant it) for Ukyo, Mousse, Hinako, Kodachi and Akane? I never play with or against these characters.

His pressure game is ridiculous. low lp to light fireball loops into itself 3x at a certain distance. IMO once you’re in the corner vs Male Ranma it’s GGPO. Hias standing lk hits low, so that is kinda deceptive as well. and I dunno why you say c.lk sucks with male ranma, you can buffer them into tornado or fbs.

Hinako has a “true” 50/50 with her two button combos, but the opponent can out prioritize it. She has some good priority on her jumping normals.

Ukyo is really underrated. Her fireballs are a pain in the ass to deal with. She also has really good reach and standing lk has stupid priority as an anti air.

Akane does more damage to your opponent if they block. Her mash swing does a SHITLOAD of block damage, so playing her is tricking your opponent into blocking.

Kodachi blows besides her really, REALLY good super.

Mousse has pretty good zoning but you have to be very cautious because his s.hp of god is punishable at certain ranges on block or hit. His fb’s are good.

Yeah that is pretty cool about lk, but c. lk has hardly any range at all.

Oh and damn, I had no clue about that loop combo, great stuff. This pretty much gurantees that he can do 100% damage.

I’ve bought the game a couple weeks back. Now that those 2 taps are out of my SNES, playing imports are no problem.

The character that I’ve been practicing the most is Male Ranma. Been practicing some varients of this combo: D+SK, cr.LPx2-3, Hiryu Shouten Ha. The opponent might be dizzy after that.

IIRC, replace cr. LPs with a cr. HP and it always dizzies.

IMO Fireball loop is better because it does more damage before it dizzies. Dizzying quicker is not always better in this game.

Oh, I definitely do agree (was just saying that the combo I postedis better than a non-looped cr. lp etc.) and next time I play this game, I will definitely look at putting this loop into my game. Which shouldn’t be hard, coz the execution in this game is so damn easy.