Ranking Ladder Programs?

Does anyone know any good ranking programs? It doesn’t have to be a web-based program, it just needs to rank players.

Basically what I want is a program that lets me add players to a database, then add events to the database, and add players to each event and list them in order of their performance in said event. Then I want it to automatically calculate a score for each player (obviously, the person who placed 1st will get more points in an event than the person who got 2nd). I should also be able to classify events into categories.

So as the user, I would be able add players to the database. Then, I will add events, and list the players from the database who attended the event; and the order of their rankings. It should support double elimination rankings, so there are players who share the same rank… So for example, lets say the listing below is a list of 8 players who attended an event, and their corresponding ranks.

1: Kilik
2: Siegfried
3: Talim
4: Xianghua
5: Sophitia
5: Cassandra
7: Astaroth
7: Taki

Then I should be able to place each event into the appropriate categories, which should be definable and expandable. It should be easy to add or delete categories. Each category has a predefined point value that determines how important the event was. This is very similar to the Tennis system. So for example, lets say the listing below is a list of 3 different categories and their point values.

Tournament Categories (point values definable)
- Local Tournaments (10 points * number of attendees)
- Major Tournaments (20 points * number of attendees)
- Unranked Tournaments (0 points)

Then each player in the event will recieve a point value based on their performance of the event. These point values will be predefined, but definable by nature. As well as percentage values, there needs to be a way to give every remaining entrant to the tournament a specified minimum point value, and a maximum value. So for example, use the settings I have below:

Ranking Allocations (percentages definable)
- 1st Place (50% of available points in event)
- 2nd Place (20% of available points in event)
- 3rd Place (10% of available points in event)
- 5th Place (5% each to both players) (double elim)

As you can see, this only adds up to 90%. The remaining 10% gets split up evenly between all other players… each player will be able to get minimum of (1) point for their entry, and up to a maximum of (1%) of the available points in category, which would happen if the tournament had less than 10 people in it.

At this point, there needs to be a ladder. Players shouldn’t be ranked by their total number of points. Instead, they should be ranked by the total (or average, havent decided yet) of their top 10 scores (admin definable number) during the course of the past year. This is pretty much exactly the same way the Tennis leagues do it.

This way it doesn’t require a person to attend every tournament, and ranks them simply by their best 10 performances in the past year. This method would also automatically prune out retired players who don’t attend events anymore; and give preference to regional and national tournaments since they are worth more points. Not to mention, it doesn’t penalize people who simply had a bad day.

Does a program like this exist?

See if this is similar to what you’re looking for.


Unfortunately, no. That is nothing more than a tournament bracket maker program; I use TIO for that… What I am looking for is a program where I can input the results of a tournament and place them into a LADDER.

Well I ended up writing this little program myself…