Ranked Win Rate vs Characters Top 5 and Bottom 5

Basically i’m curious what similarities my fellow Vega players have with the characters they struggle against. I was looking at this earlier today and a lot of Vega’s hard match-ups don’t bother me all that much; whether this is because the people I am playing suck with these characters or that I just have played so damn many of the frequently used bad match-ups that i know them by heart.

Any how i’m looking for a Top 5 and Bottom 5.

Top 5

  1. Makoto - 73.21%
  2. Vega - 71.68%
  3. Evil Ryu - 70.45%
  4. Akuma - 68.49%
  5. Rose - 64.71%

Bottom 5
5. Chun-li 44.34%
4. Blanka 40.17% - (Interesting as i seem to have a lot of trouble with this fucker lol.)
3. Rufus 37.64%
2. E. Honda 36.51%

  1. Seth 33.85% - I absolutely dread this match online, I feel like with a little bit of delay it makes it very difficult to do anything.
  1. Juri 73.91%

  2. Dan 72.46%

  3. Oni 69.57%

  4. Yang 68.42%

  5. Sakura 67.46%

  6. Blanka 45.40%

  7. E. Honda 44.79%

  8. El. Fuerte 44%

  9. Deejay 35.58% (I play against xWAx TheKraken way too much)

  10. Rufus 32.64%

When I look at Blanka Honda and Elf I just kind of cringe because I feel like every time I play one online it’s the same guy who lolz turtle build meter score counter knockdown and run oki.

Seth is a good matchup for me, akuma not so much… we need to exchange notes sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha exactly :). Interesting to see you also have Blanka, Rufus and Honda in your bottom. I actually feel i don’t do that bad against Rufus but its that one random any poke it feels like into Ultra that kills ya.

So if you are on Defense where do you like Honda? Tip of what normal move, and what is your method to anti air?

And what is you preferred method to get in? :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost my save file / player profile not too long ago so this is only out of my most recent 610 matches:

Here’s the top 5 and bottom 5 spots. I have a bunch of ties since my save file is small.

  1. Fuerte, Rose, Oni - 100%

  2. Seth - 92.86%

  3. Abel, E.Ryu - 90.91%

  4. Balrog - 90%

  5. Guile, Makoto - 88.89%

  6. Zangief - 61.11%

  7. Dhalsim, Fei - 60%

  8. Gen - 50%

  9. Chun - 48%

  10. Viper - 30.77%

Yes, I don’t really avoid fighting noobs so my win rates are inflated haha. Also I never felt that weak vs Viper, I’m sure I’ve rematched some strong players and that skewed the numbers.

1414 times used

1 Gouken - 83.33%
2 Yun - 81.82%
3 Dee Jay - 75.00%
3 Hakan - 75.00%
5 Dudley - 74.29%

35 Ibuki - 43.48%
36 Balrog - 41.03%
37 Guy - 40.54%
38 Blanka - 38.24%
39 El Fuerte - 16.67%

Honda’s down near the bottom too and I think a special one to note is Yang at 31st spot with a 50% win rate. Both before and after the 2012 patch I still feel he is the more dangerous twin for me, and now it’s mostly cuz nobody plays him anymore so a good one shows up and I get blown up XD. Mirror matches are down there too at 45.00%, I was badly snakebit on that one for a while and cringed when I had another Claw to deal with.

And the Elf matches…yes I do get blown up a LOT there with his insane knockdown game. But I think i’m FINALLY beggining to understand that one a lil better, just need more Fuertes to practice on.

Forgive me: I’m an idiot. This is ranked win rate.

  1. Rufus. 100.00% (I must not get good ones online)

  2. Yang. 92.31%

  3. Dan. 90.00%

  4. Oni. 88.37%

  5. Seth. 84.62% (Go figure!)

  6. C. Viper. 50.00%

  7. M. Bison. 48.94%

  8. Balrog. 48.28%

  9. Vega. 46.67% (FOR SHAME! This list isn’t definitive T_T)

  10. E. Honda. 31.25% (I almost NEVER face them.)

Interesting, that could be a better approach to think tiers. Here are mines :

  1. Oni — 95,65%
  2. Adon — 90,00% (what ? X_X)
  3. Dee-Jay — 88,89%
  4. Vega — 87,5%
  5. Akuma — 84,62%

I am quite surprised regarding Adon and Akuma, but I think I must have fought the best ones in endless, and lesser ones in ranked. About Vega, a lot of GFWL ranked Claws are weak on fundamentals, so my results look better than they would be against decent ones.

  1. Hakan — 42,86%
  2. Gen — 36.36%
  3. Dhalsim, Chun-li — 33.33%
  4. Rufus — 25%
  5. Honda — 16,7%

No surprise, here are most of the MU I know the less with few practice opportunities. And I get nailed everytime by Sim’s U1 setups. ^^

You mean you’re purposefully choosing noobs, don’t you ! Dam, those win rates are brutal. =D

What it seems from the first results here is that there is a lot of individual differences regarding MUs. That means that personal playing style could as much importance in MUs than character choice. =)

As I suspected, Blanka isn’t as easy to Claw than some said. Mine is 56.75%, but I struggled to improve at this MU. =)

Agreed i don’t find that blanka is a brain dead match-up as most claim. It’s not like we are fighting T Hawk here where one hard knockdown = game if you do it right.




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