Ranked Queue issue

I sit in Queue for Ranked for about 15 minutes at a time. 5 Only, 4-5, it doesn’t matter apparently. I usually avoid 4-5 cause I get a lot of lag from their side and, although I have won (By sheer luck), I feel like people get into queue a lot faster and get people quicker than I.

Is there something I am missing?

During the evening I usually get matches within two minutes or less.

Ultra Bronze
PS4 Only
5 Bar Only

I just started doing ranked. If my queue gets fixed hopefully I can get the 60LP I need for Bronze.

Ranked is hell in lower tier. Lotta Akuma. Lotta wakeup DP. Lotta buttons.

And most of all. Lotta ragequits.

You can thank Capcom’s shitty matchmaking algorithms for this. They clearly lost people who worked on SF4 because matchmaking in SF4 was lightyears better than the pile of shit that is SF5.

I played for like 40 minutes last night. I set my matches to ranked. I found someone within about 3 minutes - disconnected at loading screen. So I waited back for another match for 10 minutes and it didn’t find anyone. This is at 10pm EST the Thursday night before Xmas. I’m sure people were on.

So I go to battle lounge and create my own. I get a 3 bar Japanese guy come in, whom I boot. I wait about 3 more minutes - no one comes in, so I leave and try to join a match.

I connected to EdmaSF5 (not sure if real Edma or not) whom luckily is a 5 bar connection but he’s in Canada. Our first match I was having a lot of rollback issues so I quit after the first match and go back to turning on ranked/casual.

I finally found a match that played good, it was a casual match, against an Akuma. I beat him then go back to waiting. After about 5 minutes I find another match this time ranked, against an Akuma. It was a big laggy but I beat him.

I just turned this shit off. 40 minutes of time and 4 good matches. I would have had probably 10-15 matches in that time frame if this was SF4.