Ranked or Endless?

What do you guys think in terms of high-level players?

In my own experience, the good players are mostly in ranked. Endless seems to be full of low level players for some reason.
Once some good players become tired of grinding points, hopefully they’ll move onto Endless.

Endless and ranked are both ass.

Your friend list is where the action should be at.

Ranked makes me hate the game, so I just stick with endless.

Don’t be that guy with a B+ rank beating up everyone in a room titled “Looking for beginners”. Thank you…


Endless can be a pain in the ass at times. Host kicking you because he wants to go next, 6 man lobbies (who is going to wait that long?!) etc…

I’ve gotten kicked from lobbies upon entering which are titled “Looking for Strong Opponents”. :frowning:
I’ve yet to see an A rank so I doubt they’re holding out for them.

I normally create 3 man lobbies, I really don’t mind if I lose sitting one out. gives me time to think about the game what went wrong etc. I only really do ranked when a friend gets on. I will only do ranked if I don’t feel like waiting in between matches and don’t want to wait for someone to join a 2 man endless. (Which seems to take a long ass time.)

I feel like endless lobbies are more for people practicing new teams and/or strategies. Ranked are for people who have a solid team down, or for those who want to grind games for BP. IMO I really don’t see a difference. Both modes have good and bad players. The nice thing about ranked is that if you play against someone who you thought was good or you enjoyed playing against (and it’s not a 6 player lobby), you can rematch as many times as you’d like (you can also just add them to your friends list, if they’re willing).

Either thats ps3 only or I spam A to fast.
Everytime I’ve tried an endless, it resulted in me waiting a good 4-5 minutes without even seeing the in progress fight, since it always goes to round 3, all time outs.
Then when I’m up, host ended the session.
Ranked it is.

Same here! I’ve yet to have a good online experience in this game lol.

ranked always…only time to go in endless, is to shit around with real friends in any fighting game…i win 2000 bp then lose it all learning new teams…or characters… i got my c or c+ achievement and no longer cared after the 2nd day… im just not into waiting in line like when i was a kid at the arcade…

Plus the mix of lobbies connections are very unappealing

aha yup, PS3. I mean, you will wait for games as you just enter the lobby, but most of the time you can see the next fight in the queue. Surprisingly I’m seeing fewer time outs than usual, which I’m really happy to see :).

Most “quote on quote high level players” play ranked…but I personally play in endless battle 90% of the time(it’s why im still D rank)

i disagree with people saying ranked is the place where the better players are. it’s a myth imo. especially in this game as you have even less input when it comes to opponent selection. ranked is for people who care too much about their e-peen and think that having loads of bp makes them a top player. in my experiences of both sf4 and sfxt, i’ve played as many shitty high bp players as i’ve played good ones. some of the very best players i played in sf4 ae barely played ranked. let’s be honest, it doesn’t really mean anything outside of japan/asia anyways.

exactly. whenever i play someone very good, chances are that one of us adds the other one. eventually you’ll end up with a nice strong list of opponents.

Its really a mixed bag. I play Ranked a hell of a lot more than I do Endless. Been playing SF4 since vanilla day 1. I live on the east coast so the “Big Names or Pros” from the west coast are usually on around 1-2 AM…BUT I also run into a lot of the big name players out there in endless too. Id say its pretty much even on which mode I run into good players…Even sitting at 3,000pp I’ll get sometimes 5-6 horrible players with 0BP and 0PP in ranked in a row…

Edit: Just noticed this was in the SFxT discussion board, but the same applies…except SFxT is a garbage game.

Ranked for proving my skill, Endless for team testing

Actually in SFXT (from my experience obviously) most of my “good” or very competitive matches have come from ranked. Endless seems a bit empty and usually when you win 2 or 3 matches in a row people tend to leave. So I’ll say that there are better players in ranked lobbies.

I agree with this. I usually play Arcade Mode with Fight Request turned on. I get 2-3 matches per Arcade Match and just practice my hit confirms and combos on the CPU between matches. I set my ranked settings to “higher skill” so I tend to fight some really good challenges. I lose more often, but I feel like I come away with a bit more in the “things I know I need to work on” department.

while i still wait for PC release of sfxt, with SSF4 i got the most challenge in endless.
in ranked people care too much about points and play “runaway fighter 4” or "crouch block edition"
besides, its easier to learn matchup / what you are doing wrong, when you are losing to same guy 20 times in a row.
in ranked its impossible.