Ranked completely screwed?

Hey all,
For me ranked has been becoming more and more annoying. First I was having problems with unlocking accessories. Then my ranked title rank stayed the same even though I levelled up multiple times.

Now I cannot connect at all to any ranked match or exhibition. It doesn’t even time out, it just hangs indefinitely.

Anyone with similar issues?

I had one match that went ok, one that took forever to connect, and one that gave me an error message and kicked me back to the menu screen after trying to find a match. I’m not sure if it’s a low player count or some sort of server issue though.

I’m having the same problem since last night, I cant find any exhibition or ranked match, and cant get into rooms with friends.

Run the connection test in settings. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Somehow a couple important ports got closed on my router, which has never happened since getting X1 on release day. Test both internet and multiplayer connection.

I was a journeyman and I got deranked completely when someone rage quitted me on a ranked match. All my stats were resetted and all that.