Rank: same

(I apologize if this is something that there are previous threads about.)

Am I misunderstanding the matchup system in this game? I am a 9th ranger with 50 wins, 45 losses or so. I start up a new ranked match, with any combination of settings, and I get paired with a 4th lord with ~600 wins. This happens more than a third of the time. Are there no players of my rank to play against? Is there some other metric by which it pairs me up with these people? I’m free to these guys, I can’t imagine it’s any fun for them either.

Capcom is terrible with matchmaking. SSF4 has the same problem it just randomly pairs you up no matter what your settings are.

I think this should suffice.

What I mean is, it doesn’t make a difference whether I play only people in my region or any region, “rank same” or “rank any,” it just doesn’t matter. I fight tougher people no matter what.

The first patch that came out for the game completely broke the matchmaking, it seems to completely drop the 3rd digit from people’s win/loss records during matchmaking, and as such you end up playing against Fighters at 6th Lord or against 1st Lords at 9th Lord.

I just tell myself the rankings are inaccurate (because they are) and search for Any Rank.

There are plenty of players with 90% win rates, obviously much better than their rank says they are, but they simply don’t put in the time to climb up to 1st Lord. If I get matched up against a 1st Lord, great I get a challenge, if I get a Rookie well I try to let him down as nicely as possible or ensure that he at least learns something from the beatdown.

If you want to play people around your skill level, I honestly think you should just play lobby/player matches until you find people who are appropriate. Ranked is for people who want a challenge.

so thats why people would be like 1st lord with 50 wins and 20 losses. Silly capcom.

I remember I fired up SSF4 on an alternate gamertag during one of the free silver weekends for the lulz and I got matched with three A rank players in a row.

There’s no matchmaking to speak of in these games.

Ranked is all fucked up. Up until I was a 4th lord I rarely fought the same rank opponents when I put the search on same rank.