After getting all the achievements I plan to get for now on SFIV, I moved to SSFIV/AE.
Everyone I played in Ranked matches chose their characters via random select.
IS this how one is supposed to choose their character in ranked?

No…but then again it could be blind selection you are seeing.

Ahhh, yes, that must be it. Obviously playing TOO much SFIV, and expecting Super to be the same…NOT!
Thanks Geese Pants.
BTW, Are your pants like Flea’s plush puppy pants, in that there are a bunch of geese which make up your pantalones?

No it’s not random, yeah it’s called blind select, you don’t see what character you’re gonna be facing for a metaplay kind of thing

I could be wrong, but I assumed Geese Pants was a reference to Geese Howard’s gigantic trousers (pants in the US). :slight_smile:

Yeah IgT, I was just joking with Geese because I had this image pop in my head of some guy in pants made of geese. LOL…
No Offense Geese!


Earth humour.


They aren’t pants, they’re HAKAMA, you BAKA!

Don’t call me an idiot!