Random ugly doa5 thread


My name is Julius Rage. I’m a Dead or Alive player by trade, worlds greatest Zack by reputation, the toughest son of a bitch god ever created by law.
Every big name that the Dead or Alive tournament scene has ever produced I have beaten.

Master - Scrub
Calibur Bladez - Garbage
Perfect Legend - Sent weeping back to Neatherealm
Mamba - Can’t hold my bags
Tom Brady - Just a little boy in a man named Julius Rage’s world.
Rikuto - Nice guy, hes nothin to me.

You know the face, you know the name and if you keep reading you’ll know I’m not playing games.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate drops on Tuesday and for you PS3 players it means that there will be a free version of the game consisting of four of the top 10 tiered characters in the game (Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi and Hayate). I just want you all to know that if you make the mistake of thinking that your abilities will transfer over from whatever little kids fighting game you rep that, I, Julius Rage, will be the one to stomp you.

If you make the mistake of thinking that you’re good enough to try and take any of the 10K+ prize money at The Fall Classic (September 13th - 15th and only in Raleigh, North Carolina), it’ll be me that stomps you.

Matter of fact, set up a T.v anywhere you want - you put DOA on the screen and you’re going to have tears on your face and piss running down your leg.

It took me a long time to reconcile the notion that a game so competitively consistent, as to allow 5 out of 7 majors to be won by the same two people, would not be played competitively on the grounds that its not competitively consistent, thats its random…and then I realized that everyone is hiding in fear of me (as they should) because they understand my reputation as an equal opportunity ass kicker

I could go on and on but I’ll close with this…

I don’t care what your name is, what you’ve accomplished, who you’ve beaten and how much hair you have on your chest - I’ll still treat you like a little kid who got caught walking down the street at night wearing a new pair of Jordans - I’ll snatch your self esteem just as soon as I’d snatch that pair of New Balances your mom bought you when you were in high-school 8 years ago (that you’re still wearing). Your rep is trash, I’m about to make the easiest 10k of my career, there’s absolutely nothing any of you can do about it.

No one on this forum has the testicular fortitude to step to me at TFC.

I wipe my *** Wong , Ares is a joke, Hart isn’t black.

P.S When I win TFC I’m buying this website and burning it to the ground.

Since you decided to make 2 of these threads I’ll just leave this here


And as a gift I’ll leave the last troll thread dedicated to you using the same video here too:

I am curious, how exactly you represent the WHOLE of the DOA community?
I see no greetings only alot of bragging. You are not a Pro, a Pro would not need to brag, as he or she already proven themselves.

Something tells me you are the saltiest of the scrubs that ever cried tears of Salt. Saltier than the Morton Salt Girl.


Even Jesus Christ thinks you are one salty scrub.

I was voted the Zack player of the year 7 years in a row.

I’ve won 13 tournaments spread across this planet.

My offical record is 12,349 wins over 213 defeats.

Name a dead or alive champion of this era and I’ll tell you that I beat em.

Put your trust in me dog, I’ll get us over the hump.

Proof? simple as that. XBL don’t mean shit, neither does random facts you could pull out your ass.
Post vids, thats all I need to say. Not shit online but tourney vids in Grand Finals

Dude Look even your Spaghettios thinks you are a scrub.

Acting like a dick isn’t going to do any good with the DOA community. I’m pretty sure Matt and Rikuto are facepalming at this thread as we speak.

Sir d3v, OP is obviously a moron. He probably made this account to attempt to troll SRK but he’ll learn, just like all the rest. You hear that Team Fagilus? BITCH YOU GON LEARN.

Man I do feel bad for the legit DOA fans and players who let their actions speak for themselves not brag about unconfirmable matches online.

See if I want to make a greeting to SRK on the behalf of the DOA community, I would start with

Offering Friendship


Encourage good Sportsmanship

Hoping for some good, clean competition


And Promoting the fanbase


I was voted GOD 9080928409823 years in a row.

I’ve won 83423234243242234 tournaments spread across this universe.

My official record is 87598798237429837429374932794 wins over 0 defeats.

Name a dead or alive champion of this era and I’ll tell you that I beat em.

Put your trust in me SRK.

Darksakul gets it. DOA is a fun game. Competitively I’m on the fence about it. But it is right.

OP if you want to get more people into it don’t act like a raging full-of-himself faggot. Be cool. Not a tool.

doa is gay

hehe OP doesn’t know that I’m the best DOA dimensions player of all time.

How does one burn something digital to the ground?

I’m pretty sure this thread is in violation of item #3 in the [FGD rules](Rules of FGD: Read Me First Or You Will Be Banned

As such, I’m locking this thread.