Random thing happened at the arcade

meaty s. fp, c. lp combo’ed, i was like WHAAAAAAAT, i did that on accident

how do you read frame data for meaty attacks and such?

Blanka s.HP gives -3, but has 12 total hit frames. That’s pretty crazy.

One of my friends does this:
-Meaty close s.HP, CC, d.HP… cheap!

If your mental stability ever comes into question you better make sure they don’t see your avs. Very disturbing lol.

In a running groove, ken’s meaty close s. rh lets you link into just about anything you want. I love that shit.

With guile, I’ve linked a meaty s. rh into sonic hurricane to put on video. The rh already gives +4, but not enough to link into super. It has to be meaty.
If you feel like trying something insane. SAGAT: Meaty c. fp, c. fp xx super. That last one is going to be nearly impossible to pull off, just keep trying it at home. I think it’s about a 2 frame link even if the first fp is as meaty as it gets.

Sagat Meaty C.fp x2, lv 2 :p. Meaty c.fp, c.mk is easier though, I’ve never done the double c.fp link, maybe it needs to be meaty and a counter hit, or its a 1 or 2 frame link. Blanka j.mk crossup, activate, c.mk combos too @_@. Also about the Guile RH, Sonic Hurricane thing,you can link it on a counter-hit too.

This is going to sound really fucking noob but i am pretty good at cvs2 but i dont know what all of these abriviations mean like s.HP can somebody please make a list of them for me thanx